Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Nano

Hi guys! I thought I'd tell you a little bit about my story for Nanowrimo. First off, I'm not going to win. Not even going to come remotely close. But that's ok. I was aware of that when I started. I have however, been doing more writing than I have in the last year or so. So its a win, for me. 

What I titled it on the Nano website is Light the Stars. It will work for now. Not sure if I'll keep it. It's better than the title of its Pinterest board, Little Boy Story. 

This is the synopsis I've come up with:

Aiden is seven years old, and lives with his mommy, and his daddy. Mommy is very sick, and lots of times she has to stay in bed now. But that doesn't stop her from telling Aiden his bedtime stories every night. They put on their jammies, climb into Mommy's bed and snuggle down into the pillows, and together they draw pictures while Mommy tells her story of the little creature Gus and his adventures in the land of Aisling. But suddenly, mommy is gone, and Aiden doesn't know what to do anymore. Daddy tries to help him, but he's not having any easier of a time coping. Aunt Cindy comes to help them out and try to keep them busy, but she's not mommy. She cant tell bedtime stories. Aiden starts having bad dreams that wont go away. Upon waking from one of these dreams, Aiden finds Gus perched on the foot of his bed with a worried message. Aisling is sick and turning dark, and they need Aiden to help save it. 

I let Jarod read the notes I had with all the random plot lines and ideas I had. It confuzzled him a bit, so he said to write a few chapters worth and then he would look at it. Which is giving me incentive to keep writing. I'm like the story quite a lot. It's fun to be able to write the perspective of such a young character. It makes the details I include or leave out interesting for me. I've been studying my little Sunday school students a lot to really get a grasp on how they process things. It's been fun. 

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