Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Beautiful People- The Favorites

Hello guys! If you've been around the blog for any length of time, you know that I love taking part in the Beautiful People linkups every month.
Well, some sad news, this is going to be the last linkup for a while.
Some fun news, is the topic for this month is my favorite things in regards to writing. So, here we go.

Favorite genre to write in?

Oh boy. That's so hard. I'm gonna say Fantasy, because it seems like most of my stories end up being something along those lines, but I love so many others.

What book (a real actual published book!) do you think your character would benefit from reading?

Well, the current character I'm writing is Brass Talan from the bad boy story, and he could most certainly benefit from a Bible. If you were to ask him what book would benefit him though, he'd say anything that had to do with making money, breaking out of prison, etc.
Favorite piece of dialogue you’ve written?
Do you know how much dialogue I've written? My stories tend to be very dialogue driven.
I guess I'll go with this chunk. I wouldn't say its for sure my favorite, but I do like it, and it was easy to find because I just wrote it. Brass and Tamille are fun arguments to write.
“That’s the first reasonable thing you’ve said since I’ve met you.” She tugged her arm free and let it swing at her side.
“Everything I say is reasonable, depending on how you look at it.”
“Only to you.”
“Well, I’m the only one that matters, so I won’t argue your point.”
“And so humble.” She huffed.
“Not at all.”
What did your character want to be when they grew up, and what did they actually become?
Awww, Brass as a little guy. So sweet. When he was young he wanted to be a blacksmith like is dad. He thought it was so cool when the metal would turn cherry red in the fire.
Instead, he grew up to be Khassan's most notorious criminal.

Favorite character name(s)?
Some of my favorites I've come up with are:
Darren Fairbanks
Brass Talan
Cannon Reese
Reeve Cullough

What makes your character feel loved, and who was the last person to make them feel that way?
....Brass doesn't feel loved. He doesn't let anyone close enough to try and make him feel loved. But, the last person who made him feel loved was probably his mom, the last day he saw her.
Favorite character you’ve ever written?
Darren Fairbanks. He's from a story I wrote when I was like, thirteen. It's the longest story I've ever written, and arguably the worst. I dared to crack it open a few months ago and it was all I could do not to literally burn it. If he wasn't in that story, I totally would have.
He's a messenger/secret service type guy for the king, brave, suave, charming, reckless, handsome. Everything a good hero is supposed to be.
I can't guarantee he was actually a well written character, based on the unfortunate story he is stuck in, but we'll ignore that for now.
Someday I'm going to rescue him and give him his own, worthy story.
If your character were permanently leaving town, what would they easily throw out? What would they refuse to part with? (Why?)
Brass would up and leave pretty much everything. He doesn't make sentimental ties to much. He would refuse to part with his money though, and also his ring.
It's come to be a recognized symbol of his, and gets cooperation much more quickly and efficiently than beating people up. Also, he stole it from a very wealthy, prominent man, and it makes him chuckle every time he thinks about it.
Favorite tropes to write!
I know its cliché and overdone, but I love bad boy tropes. Bad boy who is actually good, bad boy falls for nice girl, bad boy anything basically. I'm a sucker for them.
Which story has your heart and won't let go?
The King Rider story that Darren is from. As much as I hate it, I still love it. It was my first novel, really.
Also, Out of Darkness. I'm still quite in love with Cannon and everything that happens to him, even though I'm sure if I read it again he would need a lot of work too.
Jake's story is also always in the back of my mind. I will write it someday. Someday.
Favorite relationship between characters you’ve written?
I love Cole and Calgary's relationship in The Guns story. It's sassy, its tender, strong, vulnerable.
Toni Morrison once said, “If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.” What are the books that you want to see more of, and what “holes” do you think need filling in the literary world?
Clean young adult books. So many of them are so jam packed with sex, glorified substance abuse, and language, and it just gets old. Also, Christian fiction that captures reality- that people aren't perfect, Christian's aren't perfect, not all sermons hit you in the teeth every time you step foot in church, and miracles are not an acceptable solution to the main problem of the book.

Favorite pinterest board / aesthetic for a book?
I love so many Pinterest boards! But, I do really love this one for my story Running Crazy
Favorite time periods & settings to work with?
I love medieval, and mid 1800's America. They are so much fun. I love old west, pioneer type settings, and you cannot go wrong with a castle, or fantastic magical land.
When people are done reading your book, what feeling do you want them to come away with?


  1. I dearly love those Flynn-Rider type of heros, and it seems Darren is one of those. I dearly hope he gets a good story, I would like to know more about him :).

    I loved reading all of your answers, Maddie!


    1. Yes!! He’s definitely a Flynn Rider! Hopefully I’ll get to it.

  2. I need to read the Bad Boy story! Loved that we get to learn a little bit more about Brass. We both love that troupe.
    Darren sounds like a cool character, glad you are going to save him.

    Great Post!

    1. Yes! It’s coming along pretty good!
      It’s a good trope to have.
      Me too :)