Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Let Freedom Ring

Happy Independence Day everyone!
I love July 4th, and I'm pretty sure it is Jarod's favorite holiday. Hence, his vehicle...

I mean, not to be cliché, (or offensive. It's all in good fun, my non American pals) but we kind of go all out and get crazy....


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Anyway, all joking aside, I love Independence Day. We typically go to my parents' house, and Jarod tells my sisters he's going to "take out a small loan" to go buy fireworks, which is an overstatement, but in the spirit of free speech I let it slide. We do get fireworks though, and I always try to haggle a deal to get the biggest fireworks for the cheapest price. It usually works pretty well.
There's lots of food and visiting, and aside from the general family holiday fun, it's thrilling to actually stop and think about what we are really celebrating.
Living in America, we are so privileged. Even with all the craziness that goes on in politics, and how you just want to wring their necks sometimes, we still have the freedom to worship God the way we choose, to raise and educate our children how we want, to speak our mind, and to work hard and enjoy the fruits of our labor. It's a beautiful thing.
And this year we're blessed to have a president who is actually trying to listen to us as "we the people", and bring this country back around to the vision it started with.
It's our duty to remember what the founding father's risked when they made that declaration all those years ago, and what so many men and women have fought and sacrificed to protect every year since then. May we never be the generation to take their endeavors for granted, and let the freedom they passed down to us slip away. Once gone, its a hard fight to get it back, if you ever do.
This past weekend my hometown of Ashton hosted their town celebration Ashton Days. Original, right? Trust me, its simpler this way. At least people know where they're supposed to go. I'll readily admit I have no idea where Popcorn days, Chokecherry Days, or any of those days take place.
They had turtle races, so me and Henry took EEM in. He did not win, but the little guy did run, and Henry got his picture in the paper for being the youngest little racer.

There was also a ranch rodeo, and both the hired hands on the ranch competed, as well as some old friends. Henry went with my mom, and me and my sisters watched it.

Wild cow milking

Jarod's aunt, Rosie, also brought her visitors from Sweden who spent the week here, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. They didn't stick around for the fourth, but some people from Australia came the next day, and they had to buy some fireworks for themselves.
It's kind of been international exchange week around here, it seems like. Seriously, so much fun. Rosie picked up a Swedish accent along the way, and I'm sorely tempted to start talking like an Australian.
Not today, obviously. Today is about America. But you get my point.
Fireworks were supposed to be on Saturday, but they got rained out (as did I. I took refuge in my grandpa's driveway because I couldn't see to drive home for quite awhile) so rescheduled to Sunday night.
They. Were. Awesome.
So, this morning I'm gonna do a few chores, and then its off to my parents house for some relaxation and liberty.
I hope you all enjoy your day!


  1. Happy 4th of July!!! I barely remember when it's Canada day. I need to work on being more patriotic. You guys always go all out.