Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Truth Revealed

So a few days ago I posted my response to a Truth and Lies tag. You guys took some guesses on which one you thought were true and which ones weren't. 
It's time for the big reveal. The pulling back the curtain. 

There were five truths and four lies in this collection. 

1. I started a band in elementary school, complete with t-shirts, original songs, and gigs.
True.  It consisted of me, my two sisters, and my best friend, along with various other siblings and friends throughout the years, but always us four. We started out calling ourselves Newsgirls, then realized that was a complete ripoff of the Newsboys and changed it to North. My mom helped us make customized t-shirts to wear, and we practiced like crazy and played several times in church, and at nursing homes etc. My friend was our pianist, Minion 1 was supposed to be drums, but she plays piano, so whatever. Minion 2 was background vocals and our dancer. I was guitar. We wrote gobs of songs, which I still have in a folder in my room, that no one is allowed to see. Ever. 
One of our 'band posters'

2.I'm five foot tall with a size ten shoe.
True. By all accounts I should be closer to like five foot eight, based on how tall I was as a four year old, and my shoe size, divided by the distance to the moon and all those equations people give parents. Those equations are not true. But my height and shoe size is. 

3. Cops wave at me really big when I drive by in my car.
True.  They do. Everytime I pass one they wave like crazy and it really creeps me out. Like...are they just friendly or are they biding their time waiting to strike?

4. I fall asleep really easy and sleep hard
False!!  I stare at the ceiling for hours trying to sleep and I can't, and when I finally do fall asleep any little thing will wake me up. Unless I'm sick. If I'm sick, I'll sleep through the fire alarm, my phone ringing ten different times, and an alarm that went off at 2 AM. 

5. Tomatoes are my favorite vegetable...excuse me, fruit. Sorry.
False. I hate tomatoes probably worse than I hate any other vegetable on the planet. They're slimy. 

6. I did really well with grammar in school. 
False.  This is probably the biggest lie of them all. I did terrible at it. I could write a sentence and it would be grammatically correct, or I could take an incorrect sentence and edit it to be right, but I couldn't tell you why or how. I had no concept of nouns and adverbs and all those crappy definitions. I never could remember them. Still can't remember most of them. 

7. I part my bangs to the left when I want to look sassy. 
True.  Don't ask me why. Call me weird. It just looks different on that side. 

8. I really like to dance, even though I don't know how, and always argue when asked to. 
True. I've never calmly accepted an invitation to dance, but I will be disappointed if I don't get to. I'm clumsy and don't look graceful at all, but I love dancing. 

9. I really hated Barney and Sesame Street when I was a little kid. 
False. *shiver* I really liked them. Like, really, really liked them. 

The horror. 


  1. He he the horror, I think I got one right.

  2. I don't think any of my guesses were right :') Thanks for doing the tag! :)

  3. I didn't arrive in time to guess, but I would have gotten them wrong anyway. XD That cops thing is weird. It's just . . . weird. XD And BARNEY!! You're not alone; my brother and I loved Barney when we were young. We never really watched Sesame Street, tho.