Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ain't He Precious?

The question really is, who am I referring to with that title?


Or him?

And the winner is....


Ladies and gentlemen, meet the little guy. My hubby brought him to me during lunch break. 
It all started with a phone call that said I had a present. I figured it was for my upcoming birthday, so I asked if I could open it, to which the reply was "its not wrapped". So at lunch Jare goes to his pickup and returns with this little guy and drops him in my hand. 
Jarod informs me that his name is 'im. Because he found 'im. 
But my doppelganger has declared his name Frank. 
I don't know what I'm calling him yet, I just know he's a cute little bugger. 
Right now he's at work with me, in a kids Halloween bucket we use for decorations at times. He's being kind of wiggly. I can't wait to get him home and create a nice little home for him.