Friday, August 5, 2016


Hi guys!! I'm in a pinch here. I have this lovely idea for a character, but she has no name. And I just can never really get going until the character has a name. I've kicked around so many, but none have really stuck. They're just too...normal. 

So, I'm turning to you, my lovely readers, and begging for some ideas. 

Here's a little bit of a blurb on her to possibly help spark some genius, and I'll post some picture inspiration below that. 

Alright, she has red hair that she usually wears in braids. And she's very flamboyant and spontaneous. Like one morning she would wake up and say today I'm a gypsy and do her hair and outfit accordingly and possibly even start looking to buy a motor home and go traipsing across the country. When she was young her mom was an aspiring musician and ended up becoming an alcoholic so her dad said that they needed to get some help or she had to leave and the mom decided to leave, well that really bothered this girl that her mom would willingly leave her and her twin sister. So this happened when she was like six and I'm thinking when she was 13 or so her dad remarried and the woman he married felt threatened by the way this girl mothered her sister so they really didn't get along at all, and I'm thinking when she turned sixteen and was legal to drive and get a job and such she just left. One of her quirks is that she always looks at the missing posters on store bulletin boards so see if they ever tried to look for her. So she is kind of an emotional basket case sometimes but she tries to suck it up and be strong that's why she pushes her happy go lucky side so hard. Also she has hyperthymesia which is like photographic memory, only real and proven. So when a person hears dates or times it randomly pulls up very vivid memories from their personal past that has to do with those dates and times. It's not controllable and makes it hard for people to be social and relate to the present since they're constantly watching their past like a movie. She's also got OCD and ADHD tendencies which is annoying because she's highly detailed and highly bored all at once. So she gets hobbies and gets really good at them then gets sick of them and moves on. So like painting, violin, etc. I think for the story she might decide to dabble in detective work on a whim and accidentally get caught up in something much bigger but I'm not sure what yet. I asked my husband and he just smiled and said he was going to take a shower and my sister liked the idea but wasn't sure about a plot. Anyway, she knows this guy, I think he might be a cop and he wants to date her but she is romantically clueless and totally misses it and is just his friend even though he cares and worries about her and puts up with her silliness and tries to keep her in the now. And she has some awkward girl friends who feel bad for her and try to set her up on blind dates and she always botched them bad and yes I am kind of excited about her.

I think she just generally has a fun, innocent look. Her clothes change all the time, so sometimes she's punk, sometimes she's chic, retro, etc. Whatever fancy strikes her. Her hair isn't a real bright, harsh red, its maybe just a bit redder than say, strawberry blond. 

Anyway, she needs a moniker, a John Henry, a name.

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  1. She sounds awesome,and you already have so much for a story! I would call her Jasmine, Jazz for short. Just a suggestion.
    I am excited about her too!