Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I'd Rather Be Reading

Hello Mates! 
I trust that everything is going well with you. Do please forgive my lack of posts the last few weeks. 
I rekindled a long lost love, so to speak, and posts went by the wayside. 
Meaning, I've turned into the junior high version of myself that constantly had her nose in a book and was the star of the local library's reading program. Obviously, I'm too old for the reading program now, but there was a long stretch of time where the librarian didn't know who I was when I went in because it happened so rarely. 
She and I are now on a first name basis, and know who each other's families are. 

Here's the deal. When you have a five month old baby, you spend a lot of time feeding and rocking. It's hard to write while feeding, depending on which arm you use, but I can read with either hand. So I read while munchkin snacks. 

And boy have I been going through books. 
I suppose we have The Outsiders to thank for that, because after finishing it I had to read Tex and Rumble Fish too. (Why are they such depressingly wonderful horrifically depressing stories????) 

After that, I read a few Janette Oke novels, just to satisfy that tiny part of me that enjoys romance without angst. It's a very small par mind you. I only made it to book three in the Love Comes Softly series before bouncing to something more sassy. 

Somewhere I read two books by someone named Dianne Mills. The stories were sweet, and cheesy, and the exact word for word reason I don't read much Christian fiction unless I'm already familiar with the author and know they won't solve the book's dilemma with a convenient miracle at the end. 

Then I got out Jill Williamson's book, Captives. 
Have you ever gotten a book, started it, hated it, and quit reading it? And then about six years later picked it up again and loved it and had to buy the rest of the series? 
Yeah, that's exactly what happened. But my lovely minion siblings bought the next two books for my birthday, so I didn't have to. I love the story world Jill created, and the plot of the story is great. I'll probably do a book review at some point. 

While I was waiting for the next books, I bounced back to the library and found this gorgeously intense book called Six of Crows. Books like this make me tear off the covers just to see the awesome solid black Gothic beauty that is inside. 

This. Book. Ruined. Me. 

It made me question my moral well-being. 

The main character is quite literally evil, bordering on psychotic. 

And I love him.

That just doesn't seem right. 

He's not a Will Herondale character that pretends to be evil, but is really good. He's really evil, and acts like it. 

So then I had to read the sequel, Crooked Kingdom. It was slightly disappointing, but only slightly. I stayed up till one in the morning to finish it. (For some reason I thought having one third of a four inch thick book left was doable in one night. I don't know) 
And I'll probably review the two of them later as well. 

Then my aunt, bless her, got me an Amazon gift card. 
And obviously, you buy books when the opportunity presents itself. 

So I got four Writers Guide to Everyday life in, books from the middle ages, the wild west, the 1800's, and prohibition through wwII. 
Also, two books about womennon the prairie sand wagon trains, a book about Bible times, and a handful of ebooks. 

One of which was Roseanna M. White's Jewel of Persia. 
I've never been one for Biblical fiction, just cause I always felt like they didn't give the author much room to tell a story without skewing the biblical accounts somehow. She proved me wrong with this book. 

I've been trying to get Clockwork Angel from the library for months now, because sadly, I dont own it. Some little demon lost it apparently, and they finally ordered a new one, and I got it first, so I finished it yesterday. I must say, marriage has not made me love Will Herondale any less. Sorry not sorry. 

Now I'm on to the second book in the safelands trilogy by Jill Williamson. It's already shaping up to be just as good as the first. 

But, the beacons have been lot, my son calls for aid, so I must close here. 
Tell me, what have you been reading? 

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  1. Oh yes, you discovered Six of Crows!
    I love Kaz, the little monster.