Saturday, September 9, 2017

September Footnotes

Hello everyone! 
It's time for the Footnotes linkup, hosted by the blogs mentioned up there ^. 

This month's prompt:

A quote that makes you laugh

As soon as I read this a quote popped into my mind and I knew that was the one. But do you think it's on Goodreads? 
Course not. 

So then I got the book out and scanned through it for about an hour trying to find the blasted obscure scene where said quote occurs. 
Couldn't find it. 

So then I started over thinking and decided maybe I should just use a quote from Will Herondale and call it good, or some dry morbid sarcasm from Four. Sage/Jaron is always full of whit, and Kaz seems to be darkly funny.  I wracked my brain, but I don't think Murtagh has ever said anything funny. 

But I gave up on them. I wanted that quote. 
I found some other funnies while skiming and scanning. 

Things like 

"The Art Magicke has rules. It means I have to teach you all my tricks. All the substitutions, the replications, the illusions. How to read minds and palms and leaves. How to disappear and reappear."
"How to saw people in half?"
"That too."


And Finn sat up and rubbed his dirty hair. "You could have done it."
"Well yes, I could." Keiro smiled. "But then, I'm extraordinary, Finn, an artist of theft. Devastatingly handsome, utterly ruthless, totally fearless." 


"Scowl, and stay silent, brother. It's what you're good at."

And none of those are it. And I'm sick of looking, so I'll just rehearse it from my memory of seven or eight years ago. 

It's from Incarceron by Catherine Fisher (honestly, it could be in the sequel, Sapphique, I don't know) 

 The ever amazing sass master, Keiro, just stole three skull rings from some big time dude I'm prison, and his buddy Finn wants his cut. 
Keiro hands home one and says 
"One for you, two for me. Even as always." 

And I'm still laughing. 


  1. Ha ha! I had a hard time choosing too. All the ones you listed were good.

  2. MADDIE! I'M SO EXCITED! So ever since I saw you linked up with us last month, I have tried to visit your blog, but every time I try the link it would display your blog for a split second before going blank (just the black background). I tried pressing Esc and everything but could not get here! But I tried again today and HERE I AM! So I'm so sorry for not commenting last month -- you must have thought it pretty rude of the link-up host not to read the linkers' posts! -- but I am hoping to read that post after this comment! *ahem* ANYWAY ...

    So I've never heard of this book, but I enjoyed the quotations! Sassy characters are the best. And I have often had that experience of picking up a book to find a quotation, and flicking through my ages / "accidentally" rereading the entire book to try and find it XD

    Thanks so much for linking up with us! Sorry it took me so long to get here!

    1. Oh holy cow! Well thank you for persevering and stopping by my blog! I love the link up.
      It's well worth the read. Lots of sass, and a rather surprising plot twist.

  3. Something dry and morbid from Four is always good. Also, ADSKJFADFJ, YOU KNOW WHO SAGE/JARON IS! Finally. Is it me, or is The False Prince following small? Love Jaron so much! Glad to find someone else who likes him too.

    Loved these quotes! I enjoyed this post. I always hate it when I know the perfect quote (or you know, gif) but can't find it anywhere.

    1. Thanks for commenting! That is very true.
      I do know who he is! Yes!! The following is entirely too small, I feel like all his sass and cunning is going to waste. My younger sisters actually begged me (at gunpoint) to read the series for like...two years before I finally did. They were right. I did indeed love it.

      Oh I HATE it when I can't find a gif!!!!!