Thursday, January 4, 2018


I'm not bleeding 
I'm giving in 
My soul is empty 
A hollow din

Fought so hard 
It's all for naught
It's the end 
That's all I've got 

Broken, beaten 
Caving in 
You wanted to crack me
Ok you win 

Was all for you 
Wanted what's best 
Some things just 
Can't stand the test 

There's nothing left
I cannot be
The same old picture 
That once was me 

Fractured heart 
On broken glass
Maybe someday 
This ache will pass 

Betrayed, pushed out, 
Left alone 
You can't bleed
When you're stripped to bone 


  1. Aww Maddie this is so sad! I hope your doing okay.
    Beautiful, but painful!