Saturday, January 13, 2018

My Urban Elf

Hello everyone! 

I'm sure you've all heard me talk about the fantastic Miriam Neal on here before. She's the author of Monster, and Paper Crowns, and one of my top three bloggers. (She's right there with Pioneer Woman, guys. It's kind of a big deal) 
She's also one of those amazing people that accepts friend requests on Facebook. 
It turns out, besides being a master of snark and whimsy, a sorceress with words, a very complex theologian, and the possessor of a fabulous fashion sense, she's also a first rate artist. 

She's always drawing and painting things. She does character commissions for people, as well as draws her own characters, not to mention anyone/thing else that strikes her fancy. And she's dang good. 

She's awesome and sells them all too, and at pretty reasonable rates in my opinion. She puts a lot of work into those suckers. 

It's been my lifelong (or five year, whenever I started stalking her) dream to own a Mirriam Neal original. 

And now friends, I have done it. 

Behold, the urban elf.

When she put him up on Facebook I instantly fell in love. I always love her artwork but he was different.

He was The One. 

I had to have him. 

Mirriam was a doll and we worked out a deal, and he arrived in the mail today, and I've never been happier. 
Ok, TECHNICALLY I was happier when I got married and had Henry, but you get my point. 

I'm so excited to have him. Jarod totally does not get it. 

Now I just need to decide where to put him. Awesome as he is, he doesn't exactly match my cozy farmhouse vibe I've got going on here. 

I'm planning on building a library in the basement though. Maybe I'll hang him in there. Maybe I'll commission Mirriam to do several pieces for my library. It's quite possible I'm going to go broke. But who cares?  

I just feel like he needs a story written about him. 
Oh the possibilities.

Disclaimer: I did in fact use Mirriam's pictures of him from her Facebook, because she has a scanner and it picked up the details much better than my phone camera would.