Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Going Home and Puppies

Hi guys! 

I love going to my mom and dad’s house. I love it. It’s not that I miss it per se, I mean I do, but not like I dislike living where I do now, with Jarod. 

But there’s just something so fun about going back home (I still call it my house, don’t ask me why. That’s my house, and this is our house). 

I think it’s because everything is so casual. I don’t feel like I have to dress up or wear makeup. They’ve all seen me in the morning. They know I look dead. 

And I guess I like being able to go to someone’s house and visit without putting pressure on them to get ready. I don’t need any fancy meals, and I’m more than willing to load the dishwasher with them while we chat. It’s no big deal. 

Yesterday there was no school in town so my mom had the day off, so I went over there in the afternoon. It was supposed to be to help them spring clean the yard. They burn wood through the winter so the porch and yard always get filled up with scraps of bark, sticks, and bits of wood. 

I tried to help, I really did, but it seems like whenever I go there I end up just watching Henry and talking. They say I provide much needed entertainment, so I guess it’s ok. 

Here’s the best part. They got a new puppy. His name is Gus. He’s going to be Maggie’s boyfriend when he grows up, but right now he’s just an annoying little creature that bites onto her collar and makes her drag him around the farm. It’s hilarious. 

I love red heeler puppies like I love no other breed of puppy. They’re such energetic yet fat butter balls. They run so hard and you can just see on their little faces that they’re giving it everything they got, and they get nowhere. It’s hilarious. 

Henry wasn’t sure what to think of him. He liked Gus if I was holding him and could keep the puppy at arms reach, but when they were both loose Gus was just all up in his face. 


But golly, do they make good pictures. 

After the yard was clean we went inside and did some laundry and such, and the girls started me watching a show called The Paradise. I thought it was fantastic. It’s a shame I don’t have Netflix. Someday....

My mom made some sugar free cookies (that were to die for) and o got to drive through the cows and see my horse. 

It was great. 


  1. I'm back home now, I get it. There is just something special about home.

    Henry and Gus are the cutest pair! :)

    1. There really is.
      They are! I couldn’t handle it