Friday, March 2, 2018

An Update and Playlist

Hello everyone!
Please forgive my dropping off the face of the earth.
I am alive.
But just barely.
I came down with a fever on Monday, February 19th, and it has yet to go away. Luckily I've gotten over the chills, aches, and stuffy nose, so all that's left is a low fever and an incessant cough.
But, when you're body is 103 degrees inside and only supposed to be about 98, it's really hard to look at a computer screen, so I didn't get any blogging done.
Or much of anything for that matter.
Just once I would like to get sick enough that nobody expects me to do anything, but not so sick that I can't actually do anything.
I didn't get a dang bit of writing done the entire time. I had made it all the way to chapter fifteen in The Guns, and then came upon a spot that needed a lot of new material added, well then I got sick. Since I'm feeling mostly better now, I tried to get back at it, and I've been slogging my way through chapter sixteen trying to get some momentum back, and failing miserably.
So this post is as much for my benefit as yours, in hopes that talking about the Guns, and not actually writing will spur some motivation. A girl can hope anyway.
So, without further rambling, this is the playlist I've come up with for The Guns:
Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
This is actually the song that inspired the whole story in the first place. The whole concept of fighting in the street, challenges, and "the last known survivor" all helped to build the idea of this dystopian street gang society.
Undefeated by Skillet
This one originally inspired Cole's character, even though the turd is turning out to be less intense than the song would suggest. It's only my second draft, I might pull out his edgy angst ridden side yet. But, basically, he is (thus far) undefeated in gun fights, which has put him in quite the precarious position with the other Guns. "Fight for the love of the game" was also a line that specifically inspired the Gun story in the beginning.
Great Night by NeedtoBreathe
NeedtoBreathe in general is like The Guns official band or something, but this song has to do with a dance scene involving Cole and Calgary that will be fantastic if I ever get it mastered, but right now is a bit flat.
Money and Fame by NeedtoBreathe
Ok, besides the fact that it flat out says "young guns" the whole song just sounds like something a Gun would say. Most of the time I think this song pertains mostly to my villain, James Dermott.
Hard Love by NeedtoBreathe
The version with Lauren Daigle might actually fit the story a little better, but I like the original one best. This is pretty much the summary of Cole and Calgary's relationship throughout the story.
You Can't Take Me by Bryan Adams
This is another song of Cole's. This one sounds a little bit more like his current mood in the story, not as intense as the Skillet song, but still confident and strong.
We Are by Thousand Foot Krutch
First of all, it says "we are the guns" so that's reason enough right there. But every time I hear it I have this image of the saloon girls getting guns of their own and saying enough is enough, and now I've decided I'm going to have to write it into the story somewhere. This story is ending up really long.
The Outsiders by Needtobreathe
Another NeedtoBreathe one for ya. This one is kind of hard for me to pin down why its even in the playlist, but there's just a few lines in it that make me think of the Guns. "Stand tall but running thin" reminds me of Cole, and the whole second verse just sounds like something that would happen in the story.
Can't Stop This by Thousand Foot Krutch
This is another one that has to do with the saloon girls, oddly enough. Basically it reminds me of how they team up to start spreading the story around town that Dermott is no good and is keeping secrets from them.
Restless by NeedtoBreathe
Should I just tell you to go listen to every NeedtoBreathe song there is and call it good?
This is Calgary's song. There's a lot of things in it that sound just like her, and a lot of things that don't sound like her at all, so feel free to use your own interpretation.
Oohs and Ahhs by NeedtoBreathe
I actually hate this song. It's the only song I can say that about by NeedtoBreathe, but I hate it. But it is the official song of The Guns and the town of Cody in general.
Can't Get Over You by Anthem Lights
I know this song is technically about God, but it reminds me an awful lot of Calgary and Cole, or at least where I want them to end up eventually.
I've also been listening to pretty much the entire Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack on repeat, as mood music for this story.
 It's got pretty much everything.
 Battle music, intense music, dramatic, romantic....


  1. I hope your feeling better! Oooh, these are such good choices. Even though I know most of these, I am going to re listen to them with your characters in mind. So excited for more of this story!

    1. Thanks! I finally am.
      Oh fun! Enjoy! I’ll hopefully have something else to send you soon