Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dear 25 Year Old

This is kind of a wild hair I guess, but I was reading a post by Mackenzie where she wrote a letter to herself in five years. For some reason, it just seemed really fun. I'm not even sure why, or what purpose it is supposed to serve. I'm not doing the Blogtober challenge. I'm not even sure what it is, frankly. As I was reading her's however, I kept thinking of what I would say in mine if I wrote one, then at the end she went and asked what her readers would write to themselves, so I just had to take the opportunity.

So. I letter to the 25 year old version of Maddie.

Hey Maddie- Yo, what up man? I hope you haven't sunk so far that you don't call girls 'dude' at every opportunity. 
By my calculations you should be twenty-five now. You're kind of an old grinder. 
Please tell me that you have dyed your hair some form of pink in that length of time. 
So how old is little Amos? Probably about three, huh? Is Henry on the way then? I'm sure they're super adorable little hellions. 
Do you still have the Impala and have you hit any deer with it? The only way I would possibly forgive you for denting that car is if it was on a massive buck deer and you didn't damage the horns. They better be mounted somewhere to sooth my heartache. 
What house are you living in? Did you end up in town? Have you mastered how to write Madeline Jean Wilson really pretty? You sure practiced it often enough. 
Hopefully by now you have fully mastered how to cook without calling grandma every ten minutes. And I sure hope you got up some gumption for creativeness, because my Pinterest diy board is filling up fast. 
Do you have a second set of holes in your ears? There is no excuse not to. 
At twenty five, I will disown you if you haven't gone to Winter Jam yet. And you better have saw a NeedtoBreathe concert. 
Are you and the Minions getting on better now?  
Two questions: Did you go to Alaska? And, are you broke?
I kid you not, you better have finished your stories by now. And at least one of them better be published or I'm going to disown you and get a new future self. 
How's the world? Still scary? Press on mi amigo. 
What is it like being a twenty five year old fangirl? Are you teaching my kids to love awesome books and movies? Have you cultivated their musical tastes to perfection? Please tell me some good books have come out during the years. And that all these miserable boy bands and vampire stories have passed by the wayside. 
Do you have a room for your guitars and posters? I hope you have a room for them. I'd be sad if they just sat in storage. 
Hopefully my life is going well for you. I'll catch up with you in a few years.

You rock,

You -5.