Tuesday, January 26, 2016

February Challenge

Hi guys! 
So, I have some fun news that some of you may want to join in on. 
Over at Go Teen Writers *sniffle*not a teen anymore *sniffle* they are going to be doing a challenge starting in February where you come up with a different story idea every day for the entire month of January. It's just a little something to get the creative juices flowing, make you look around at things differently, and see the story in everything. And, obviously, to hopefully come up with your next fabulous novel idea. 
The challenge is open to anyone, and there is a Amazon gift card drawing involved, and anything Amazon has got to be great, so I will be participating. 
I saw it and immediately had ideas start popping into my head, which really defeats the point, because I have to make up new ones, and its not even the correct month yet. 
I really like this challenge idea though, because so often the writing challenges I see online consist of writing so many hundreds or thousand words a day, or devoting this much time to just writing, or something along those lines, and I just don't have time for that anymore. It's a lot harder to find time to commit to writing twelve hundred words a day, especially since my creative juices have froze and it would take me three times longer than it used to. 
This one is much less stressful, but still creatively stimulating, and I'm hoping to thaw out the old creative genius and get it up and running again. You can follow the link up there to read all about it, and get registered if you would like to join me. 
If I come up with any absolutely stellar ideas I'll be sure to share them with you as the month progresses. 
I've also got a few posts in the works for the remainder of this month, so stay tuned for that. 
Until then, farewell! 


  1. Sounds like fun,not sure if I have that many ideas in me.

  2. Sounds like an awesome idea! Look forward to hearing some of what you come up with :)