Thursday, February 18, 2016


Hi guys! How are ya? 
Seems like I've been terribly busy, but don't really have anything to tell you about. 
Let's see what I can drum up here....

The other day I attended a Lunch and Learn on communication in the workplace. I ended up teaching a room of old -*ehem* people from a different generation than I am- people about what Generation Z lingo even means. 
I got asked what barriers to communication were and I said age. When asked to explain, I said that the 40 something year old gal that I work with doesn't understand the terms I use daily. 
Of course then I was asked to tell some of the terms, which then led to me explaining the concept of Shipping a couple, fangirling, and the fact that everyone on planet earth is my minion.

....Speaking of minions, 
The girls at work have suddenly started calling me the M&M, which I'm told stands for The Master Minion. 
I do not disapprove of this development. 

Also developing, I have purchased a wedding dress and will be going to pick it up on Saturday. My hunt for a veil, belt and shoes is also complete. The hunt for bridesmaid dresses is in full swing and thus far has produced dismal results. I'm told that after a certain bull sale takes place on March fifth that my dearly beloved will be more available to help me get the man side of this event whipped into shape. 

We also rented a house! I am so stinking excited. Spent a week repainting everything. I still want to do something with the bathroom, but since there's really not a lot of furniture in the way in a bathroom, I'm content to let that wait till I've actually moved in. Jarod will be moving in this weekend if everything goes well (and we find a cook stove). We've been piecing together some furniture and household goods, but I'm being picky because the paint job in there is so fabulous that I want things to match. Which is why we had a war over whether or not the John Deere green and yellow dresser from his childhood will be in the bedroom. 
Despite differences in decor taste, I'm super excited about this. As soon as I get the drop cloths and painters tape off everything I will post pictures. 

Valentines Day was also our one year anniversary of dating. That just blows my mind. I cannot believe it's been a year already. I also can't believe it has only been one year. So much has happened. It's been fabulous. 
So, what did we do to mark this fabulous milestone you might ask?
Well, first I asked to go out to eat, but he wanted to move in, so I agreed. Moving into your first house on your first anniversary could be sweet. Then life stepped in and it was decided that he needed to clip the bulls that weekend to get ready for the upcoming sale. So no moving, no supper. After church we bundled up and went and clipped ornery bulls, and got them all trimmed up and pretty. We left that venture once it got dark, covered in hair, and smelling like smoke. So after showering up we burned over to subway and grabbed some sandwiches and rented a movie at the gas station. It was called True Story and if you like creepy mystery shows it is a must watch. 
I gave him a Bible Concordance, since he's been asking for one, along with a Snoopy Valentines card complete with sappy writing inside both, as well as a freakishly long poem I'm quite proud of. 
In return I got a card and itunes giftcard, which I plan to use to make our wedding playlist. 
I had to give him a hard time, because I wrote on pretty much every available surface of his gifts and the card I got was unsigned. Men. 
So, it wasn't a terribly romantic, dramatic anniversary, but it was definitely us, and I for sure enjoyed it. 
My sisters came to my rescue and got me chocolate. They really are the best. 

What about you, minions? Any fabulous developments since I've been absent? I have been silently stalking your blogs, keeping an eye on things, even if I don't comment.
My darn laptop has decided it cannot connect to the internet and hasn't worked for a few weeks, so it's been a pain in the butt to try to get any legit blogging done. I apologize. 


  1. It sounds like everything is going great for you Maddie!!!! I can't believe it's been a year for you two- it's been amazing reading about it from this side of the screen :)

    1. Yes!!! Oh gosh, I can't either. I'm glad you've liked it!!

  2. I still can't believe your getting married, I'm so excited for you. I'm glad everything is going good.