Friday, February 26, 2016

The Next Chapter

Parts One, two,   three four.  five.  six. and seven. and eight, and nine. TEN. and Eleven

Well of course she said yes, that Christmas was the best. They kept it a secret for a day or two, there were a few people they needed to break the news to. Of course there were scoffers, people pitched a fit, but the pair just smiled and put up with it. 
Then the princess called her family and spread the news round, and then the thought hit her, a dress needs to be found. So she called her bridesmaids, and they headed to town. They searched and they searched, till the perfect one she found. They picked shoes and picked colors, and talked over locations. His friends were all happy, and ready to join. They planned and they practiced and saved every coin. 
Then they flew across the country, to a wedding for the Prince's dad. It was a crazy experience like she'd never had. The mood was set perfect, it was sappy and sweet. That will be them soon. Boy was that neat. They held hands and took walks, and had lots of talks. They practiced their dancing...they'll need to practice again. 
They found bridesmaid dresses, and tried to block out the stresses. Lined up gals for their hair, and looked for someone to take pictures. Things were going quite smooth, with the plans and the plots, and mostly they blocked the doubts that were shot. 
The pair found a house, a cute little dwelling, every time she sees it the princess feels her heart swelling. They painted together and moved everything in, thinking this was where their whole life would begin. 
At times she felt nervous, and there were some doubts. Will I do this right, will I be his delight? He'd smile and shush her, say it was alright. 
Her friends were all happy, and offered support, they all wanted to help and be a good sport. 
Decorations and flowers, music and food, so much to plan, and so much to do. 


  1. Awwwwwww! Will we get photos of anything?? :)

  2. Replies
    1. I've got some house pics I just need to upload and once we get the engagement pics taken care if ill share those, and of course wedding ones will have to wait till July :)