Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February Results

Hi guys! I cannot believe that February is coming to a close already. It was just January for crying out loud. 
So I mentioned awhile back that I was going to engage in the challenge going on at Go Teen Writers where you come up with a different idea every day. 
Well, I most certainly did not come up with one every single day, not even close. But I did come up with some ideas that I think are rather fabulous, and I plan to keep around until that distant day when I remember I'm a writer and sit my butt down and write. 

Here is what I was able to come up with:

#1. This one is probably my favorite. It struck on the way to work, early on in the month while listening to The Eye of the Tiger. (My music is old. I'm not sorry) And I really have no idea why this idea formed the way it did, but it did. Basically the setting would be a post apocalyptic world, so things are pretty rough, and it takes place in an old west style town that would have been used to make movies before everything went to heck. So you've got people living off western props, but they're also mixed in with stuff we have now, so basically you have a bunch of gangster cowboys running around this town. The town is basically run like the mafia, so once you're in- you're in. And I'm not sure if it would be a guy main character or a girl, because I kicked both ideas around and never settled on one. I'm not really sure on a full blown plot yet, but the line that says "The last known survivor" is key, because every time I hear it I think "Last known....So there must be one that people don't know about." So I'll have to figure out what was survived and who survived it.

#2. This one sparked from me spending too much time on the computer. I had pulled up MSN or something and I happened to glance some headlines that said something about last Christmas having the first full moon in several hundred years, and then something about an upcoming total solar eclipse. So I thought, year of the vampire and werewolf man. Can you imagine the trauma of having a full moon on Christmas? A day where the sun is totally eclipsed? It would be sheer brilliant madness. I feel like I need to write a monster story.

#3. This one came from being stuck in a blizzard at work, and how rapidly the weather changed. Basically the idea is that people have once again predicted the end of the world for a certain date and time, and so people are stockpiling goods and stuff, getting ready to survive the end of the world. My character ideas are a brooding skeptic girl, and her friend who is a geek and also a massive procrastinator. So, the day before the world was supposed to end, the sky goes black and weird things with the weather start happening. And my critic is like standing on her porch with her arms crossed and is just like "well crap." And little mister procrastinator is freaking out because he didn't get to the grocery store in time and all the good food is going to be gone.

Ta-da! Only three decent ideas in a whole month, but I'm rather pleased with them anyway. 


  1. Those are some really neat ones, write them!

  2. They all sound awesome! :) Three more ideas than me :)