Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Weekend to Remember

Hello all! 
Like I mentioned in my previous sleep deprived post, me and Jarod were going to attend a marriage conference.
I had heard about it before. The radio station I listen to promotes it every year and gives away registrations sometimes. This year Jarod's aunt wanted us to go, so she got us registered. 
The conference is called A Weekend to Remember, and this year it took place in a town about three hours away. I got Friday afternoon off of work, and we took off. We drove my car, which was a big mistake, because the Super Sport logo on the side just makes him want to play with it. And this number on the engine makes him particularly happy. 

He did manage to behave somewhat, and things were going good  until he announced that he couldn't see. 
We were driving down the interstate doing about seventy. And he can't see. He wasn't joking either. We were weaving all over the lane. I've never drove on the interstate, and this was going right through the heart of town, so there were six lanes, so even if I could have taken over and driven the rest of the way, there was no where to pull over and switch. So I was his peripheral vision whenever we had to merge. After white knuckling it for about twenty minutes we did make it to our hotel and I called my boss (He's an eye doctor. That's who you call when you go blind on the way to a marriage conference) and had Jarod tell him what was happening. Doc said it was probably the onset of a migraine. Speak of the devil, Jarod got a big one about five minutes later. We got checked into the room, and I gave him some migraine medicine, because I get them too, and we headed off to the other hotel where the conference was being held. 
Apparently pain killer does bad things to him, because he went from massive headache to massive tired and like groggy. He didn't say anything funny, but he didn't make a whole lot of sense, and his tummy felt jittery. 
So...naturally he laid down in the hallway of the hotel to sleep it off. 
People looked at us like...what is this wanna be Amish guy doing sleeping in the hall? 
When he woke up though he was normal and could see again, so we went into the conference room. 
The classes were actually really good. I wasn't sure what to expect, but there was lots of good stuff. I especially liked the couples discussion. We had to fill out answers about ourselves and each other then compare and talk about our results. It seemed like the areas I thought I scored low in, he thought I did good at. For one activity he put that I was a good listener, and gave my undivided attention. Those things made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm not really sure why. I guess I liked getting to see what he thought of me. 
We both saw a lot of areas we needed to work on. It was rather convicting. There were several classes for engaged couples, which I really appreciated. 
Food wasn't provided, so we spent lots of the weekend getting lost in round-a-bouts and taking wrong turns. All was well though. We had to make a run to walmart and buy swim trunks so we could go test the pool and hot tub. It would have been more enjoyable had there not been five million toddlers thinking the hot tub was the kiddy pool and their older siblings weren't screaming in the big pool. It was fun though. 
Water turns Jarod into a big kid and I had to swim for my life so I wasn't drowned.
One project we had to do was write a love letter. I had mine finished that day, but I'm holding it for ransom until I get mine. 

It was very fun and I'm so thankful his aunt sent us. 
They definitely gave it the right name. 


  1. Ugh, that sucks about the migraine. Glad it was still a fun weekend!

    1. Scared the tar out of me, but I'm glad it didn't last long and we didn't crash and die