Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Mental Status

I just...wanna go to sleep.

Really guys. It's terrible. I am so tired. I don't remember the last time I slept good. My days are all blended together. I don't know what time it is or where I'm at most of the time.

Sometime last week (I think) Jarod got sick so I went and made him supper and brought him medicine after work and generally took care of him for two days. Then the weekend hit and it was back and forth with him at my house and me at his, and for some reason we are incapable of leaving in time to be in bed at a decent hour. Then I got sick (thanks honey. I love sharing germs with you too), and was unable to breathe, therefor unable to sleep (cuz if you go to sleep not breathing, you don't wake up. You just don't).
Then my co-worker got sick (not from me though) and had to leave early, and was sick the next day, and then today she is still horribly sick so I have to leave my office and go cover for her this afternoon. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand she is sicker than a cat and I told her to get to a doctor, so its not a problem for me. But I still feel sick, and can't seem to shake it. My body hurts. I have chills and hot flashes. I just feel run ragged. 

Seems like every night ends up being a late night for some reason or other. Last Saturday Jarod and his aunt had their bull sale, so I was there early helping serve food and didn't leave till late, getting everything cleaned up. I've got all this stuff that has been going on and I'm looking at the next few weeks and there is no end in sight. 

Mom wants to have a wedding planning meeting and get stuff figured out, since we only have four months. We have a chiropractor appointment late Tuesday night. Monday is Jarod's birthday and I'm planning something for him. I have to go get a filling re-done at the dentist. Next weekend Jarod's aunt registered us for a marriage conference which sounds great, but it overlaps with my family's Easter dinner, so that should be interesting. We scheduled engagement pictures, which someone fell on the same day as my sisters prom. Tomorrow we are going to a farm auction. 

Its just hectic. 
And I'm walking around like a zombie. 
I can't even put together a good blog post. I'm looking at it right now and I'm just like...how do I format this? What do I do to make it look like I know what I'm doing and am capable of the written word? 
I know.

I started like this. 
No biggie. I got this. 

Ok...so maybe I am a little tired.

Can't stay awake once I do get home

But I look like this all day when I wake up

And now it's finally come to this. I fall asleep doing daily tasks. I've almost face planted on my desk several times this week. I've fallen asleep driving twice. I never fall asleep driving. Ever. I fall asleep on the phone. Before, Jarod was always the one falling asleep. Somehow...the tables have turned. And I try to go to sleep. I come home earlier and earlier. I go to bed sooner. I shut off electronic devices. And I'm still dead. 

And then there was daylight savings time


  1. I know the feeling, I hope you get some rest :D

  2. Aw, I know how you feel :/ I hope things calm down soon and you get some proper sleep :)