Friday, March 11, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Hi guys! How goes it? 

I just wanted to use this post to ramble on about how excited stuff makes me. Just little stuff. Like buying a curtain.

I think I mentioned before that Jarod rented a house, and even though I wont be moving in until July, I'm just so dang excited. We got everything painted (except the spot they messed up sliding the stove into place, but that's alright, I'll get it), and all of Jarod's stuff is finally moved in.
There is not going to be any room for me.
He has at least three times as many clothes as I do.
We got a stove and dryer bought, as well as a fridge, so we finally have all of the appliances accounted for. The bed is set up, and it's actually very comfy, which is good because we are both very temperamental sleepers.
My kitchen! Love it. 

 I've got curtains for the kitchen, bedroom, and living room, and today before work I ran and got one to go in the baby room. Jarod is really bothered by windows with no curtains, because he can see outside, and he doesn't like being alone, so he's really happy to have all the windows barricaded now. 
He's become pretty handy at handling the wood burning stove, so the house is always nice and cozy. 
The TV don't work to watch actual TV, but we do have a DVD player hooked up and are halfway through Dispicable Me. Eventually we will get a converter box or a new TV so we have regular television.  For right now we just watch fuzzy channel three, lined channel six, and windmill swirling vortex of terror channel ten. 

We've got two recliners, and we bought a hide a bed couch that we have to go get in a couple weeks. That one will go in the baby room, and I want to put a cute little dresser in there and decorate it. Maybe a desk or something. Then I have another couch on the way that can go in the living room.
The living room. The kitchen table won't be staying there. He just doesn't want to eat alone in any other room. 

It's crazy how happy I get just rearranging furniture, or finding a spot to put a rug. I was tickled pink when the curtains looked good with my bedroom accent wall. It's definitely not a pinterest worthy house. The bedroom is pretty well jam packed now, and full of boy stuff. Model wagons and stagecoaches on the dresser, and John Wayne and boy scout posters on the walls, but that's ok. It looks like us. Or at least him. I'll have to add my touch later. 

Downstairs is the washer and dryer, which I love because the house I live in now has the laundry in the bathroom and I like the idea of being able to hide that stuff away if necessary. There's a pretty big room that would be great for storage if I can get some shelves located, or it could even be another bedroom someday if need be. 
For some reason Jarod and Mommy have dubbed this the baby room. 

There is a smaller room downstairs that I think I can make really cute as long as Jarod fixes the light for me so it doesn't flicker constantly like a ghost has come to steal my soul. I plan to put all the bookshelves and guitars down there and make it a Maddie Cave. They wont fit upstairs, and I've invested way too much money in them to part company. I can't wait to get my hands on that room, because it's going to be fabulous. Well...actually it's going to be a crazy chaotic haphazard arrangement that cant decide if it wants to be chic, punk, or cowboy, covered in posters and random paraphernalia. But that counts as fabulous, doesn't it? 

I think my whole family thinks I've gone crazy, and I know Jarod does, but I just can't help it. 
I'm getting my own house. I get to decorate! It's so fun. 

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  1. Awe, I'm so happy for you Maddie. Your house is so cute,that picture of you two is adorable as well.