Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tumbling Tales

Heaven forbid you missed any chapters, but if you did I'll post this, so you can catch up hereafter.
Parts One, two,   three four.  five.  six. and seven. and eight, and nine. TEN. and Eleven , Twelve.

Time kept ticking by, my how it did fly. Planning and plotting, and trying their best, to get everything ready and beat time's test. It was all rather stressful, and hectic, and rushed. The princess felt herself falling, tumbling down, covered in dust. Things spiraled around her, that needed her view, but how do you plan something so foreign and new?
The prince wasn't much help, bless his poor heart, he got yelled at too often for not doing his part. 
It seems like they managed to muddle on through it, while their big day was coming before they even knew it. 
The princes' mother was coming from a land far away, to attend bridal showers, and later, the great day. His sister was also going to be in attendance, the princess looked forward with happy and nervous expectants.
(Yes the princess knows that that's not a real word, but it rhymed like she wanted, it pleased her what she heard)
Her sisters were planning a splendid shower, and the decorations were all ready, except for one more kind of flower. There was cutting, and arranging, and pasting yet to do, but everything was purchased- what a relief, phew!
The location they found for the ceremony was splendid, and reception place booked, their searching had ended. The food was decided, and so was the time, and she finally got the prince measured for a tux, though she did have to whine. He even started to talk to his groomsmen, maybe soon they'll all know when the wedding is and what they're doing. 
The ring bearer was chosen, such a cute little fellow, and they decided to swap out an old book for his pillow. 
The princess searched for music that would help set the mood, and finally found a march of which she approved. 
A sweet lady came who took engagement pics, they'll be back soon, ready for invitations, to send out lickety split. 


  1. !!!! How far away is the wedding? You must be so nervous/excited/worried at the moment!

  2. July 9th!! It's getting closer. And yes, every single one of those things is me right now!!

  3. It all sounds so exciting, you must be counting down the days.