Friday, April 29, 2016

Skype Adolescence

Skype is a wonderful thing peoples. It helps us at work a lot. In an office as big as ours, with as many workers as we have, its hard to keep track of everyone and be able to find them when you need to tell them something. So we use Skype messaging, and it makes things so much easier. But sometimes people can't be mature adults and use it for logical, serious, adult-like conversations. 

Wendy: We need to start remembering when checking in glasses if it's a warranty we need to make a copy of the invoice and put it in the tray so we know the lenses need to be sent back to get credit.

 Maddie Jay: Agreed.

Wendy: one of these days we will get organized haha

Maddie Jay: 

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  1. Ha ha, I use that quote all the time, people just roll their eyes at me.