Saturday, November 4, 2017

NaNo Day Four

Hello everyone!
 For those of you doing NaNoWriMo, sorry to distract you. Get back to writing. 
For those of you not doing NaNo, glad you could join us. 

All this to say, I did it. I finished my second Snow White retelling and had about two days to come up with character names and a plot line for my Young Guns NaNo story, which is now titled simply The Guns. 

So far so good! There's a few mild hiccups that I'll want to go back and fix, but that will wait till December. Right now I just want to get the thing written. 

Henry is cutting a tooth (I can see it finally!) So he's not been very happy, and has wanted lots of snuggle time, so 90% of my writing happens in the morning before he wakes up, or during his naps. But, it's working out alright so far, cuz I've managed to write over the daily needed count, and now have 12559 words. So I'll have a little wiggle room on those days where I only get like 500 words wrote. 

I'm liking the plot, and have come up with a few twists that I hadn't originally planned on. Cole was a bit troublesome the first two chapters, as he's supposed to be a tough guy, and it just wasn't happening. He was getting rather annoying. But, I fixed it in this last chapter, and I'll tweak those first two after I'm finished. 

Calgary is a total pistol and I think she's one of the few girl characters I've written that I actually like. (Have I ever mentioned I'm not fond of most of my girl main characters? Secondary is fine, but those main ones....grrrr) 

I'm putting my honeymoon to  good use, as we spent two days in Cody. So all my pictures and such are coming in handy. I mean, Henry thinks we put it to good use anyway, but on a writing level....

I'm kind of a bad nano because the night before I stayed up till midnight watching horror movies, and then slept in. I have had like, one cup of coffee, and I've spent an awful lot of time checking Facebook because the PBR Built Ford Tough championship is in Vegas this week, and my boy JB Mauney who tore all for rotocufs in his shoulder and had it reconstructed and is now full of screws and pins four months ago DECIDED THAT HES ABLE TO RIDE BULLS AND HES GONNA TRY FOR HIS THIRD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. I mean, I love it, but if I was his woman I would smack him. He was supposed to heal for at least six months. Preferably a yar. But anyway, I don't have cable to watch it, so I gotta check the updates on Facebook. He rode his first bull! 

Ahem. Moving on.
Here's a few snippets for your enjoyment! 

His mom would scold him for talking to the boy rough. She'd say that a kind word turns away wrath, and to treat folks like he wanted treated. Most the time he agreed with her, but something about this town made him think the people here wouldn't recognize a kind word if it kicked them in the teeth. 

"Wolf Bloods?" He tipped his head. 
"Another gang." She frowned. "But they're not your big concern." 
"Right. These Guns who apparently plan to kill me on sight are."
"At least you're learning."  She nodded. 

His two encounters hadn't yielded him much info other than the unanimous consensus that he was going to get killed by a Gun, and to not look for the man he's come here looking for. 

The owner of the motel was a sticky older woman who looked like she could hunt bear with a stick. When she demanded to know what he had to trade, he was real careful to offer something substantial. 


  1. Glad the writing is going good. Poor Henry, teething is the worst.
    Love the snippets!!!