Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas Spirit

Hello everyone!
We're about midway through December now, so I feel safe posting Christmassy type things
My mom was always super crafty when I was growing up (Still is, technically). She was always painting something, building, quilting, sewing, designing, etc. Now she mostly sticks to the sewing and quilting aspect, but still, very creative.
I always tried  to be creative, but it just...never worked. I don't know why. Probably because crazy pink and purple preteen and black and red angsty teenager doesn't turn out into gorgeous home d├ęcor.
Don't get me wrong, my bedroom was flippin' awesome. When I was little I had purple and white walls, and the coolest bedspread everywhere, and the whole thing coordinated in bright crazy colors.
And then it all got covered with 24 band and movie posters, plus a whole bunch of drawings, and it turned into a pretty sweet teenager room. But not a Better Homes and Garden's look, that's for sure.
But now, I have my own house. And I still have parts of it that wholeheartedly embrace my angst ridden love of bright crazy colors and bands that scream too much, but now I have a whole house to work with. I'm not confined to one room. So some of the house gets to look real spiffy.
And I can decorate for Christmas!
I spent about a week building and painting all of this stuff. Nap times are entirely too short when you're trying to work with power tools, let me tell ya.

The inside of the house didn't take nearly so long to decorate, and I thought I was done until I went to Hobby Lobby and found the most gorgeous mint blue glass balls that match my kitchen, so now I have to find where to put them, but other than that, we're ready for the big day.

I'm not like a fanatic about Christmas. I mean, I love it, but I have friends that are absolute fanatics. I've been getting snapchats of Christmas carols since before Halloween. That's just fanaticism.
But, I have started to allow my Christmas playlist some airtime, and these are my favorites.
They're oldies, but goodies.
 Minion One was awesome enough to take a family picture for us, and I made it into a Christmas card. It's up there at the top. So we sent Christmas cards to basically everyone. It was a big stack my friends. Christmas presents are all bought, and he ones that needed mailed are. The rest are in a pile in the basement in my Maddie Cave where no sane person would ever venture, therefore they are safe from discovery.
This year I believe we're gonna go to my mom and dad's house on Christmas day, or possibly Christmas eve, depending on schedules, and then my extended family gets together around New Years and calls it Christmas. I've got three baby second cousins that are pretty close to Henry in age, so that'll be really fun this year, since he's mobile now, he should hopefully have fun playing with them.

Fingers crossed on that one. The last time he met a cousin his age the cousin hit him on the head, stole his toy and crawled away. At which point Henry took in after him, yanked the toy back (he's kind of a little power house) and crawled away. They stayed away from each other after that. It was awkward.
What are you guys doing for Christmas? Let me know! 


  1. Your house looks so good! Love that you did the outside too!
    Henry is getting so big!

    I'm just going to be hanging out with my family for Christmas.