Monday, December 4, 2017

NaNWriMo Snippets

Hello everyone!
It's December, which means I can officially announce that my Christmas tree and a plethora of other decorations are up and ready, and all of my Christmas shopping is done.
Also with the coming of December, is the end of November, which means NaNoWriMo is over.
I hit fifty thousand words the day before it ended, and the finished story ended up being a smidgen over 60 thousand words. WooHoo!
So, today I'm gonna share some snippets with you.
Hope you enjoy.
“Only if I think you’re lying.” The man narrowed his eyes and grinned. “I think you’re lying. You talk funny. You ain’t from around here. How likely is it that you just wandered into town and decided to set your boots up?”

            Cole returned his gaze, not bothering with an answer. These men wanted trouble. Nothing he said was going to stop that.

            A muscle jumped in the man’s whiskered jaw. “I just called you a liar.”

            “I heard that.” Cole nodded. “I thought I’d let you slide the first time. Probably no one ever taught you any manners.” His mouth quirked up slightly. “Don’t do it again.”



The door to the office flung open and the owner came out, a shotgun cradled in her arms. “Now I told you no shooting!” She bellered.

            “You said not in the room.” He thumbed cartridges into his revolvers and holstered them.

            She scanned the parking lot and glared at the broken window. “You’ll have to pay for that.”

            “I’d send the wolves the bill, if I was you.” He holstered them and pointed at the three dead men. “They’re the ones who come looking for trouble and broke it.”

            The old granny yanked the hammer back and hefted the shotgun. “I said you’ll be paying for it.”
            Cole glanced from the shiny black barrels to her hard face and tipped his hat. “Yes ma’am, I sure will.”


“Dermott wants to see you at his cabin tomorrow morning.”

“What for?” He raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t know.” Calgary huffed. “Probably to kill you.”

“Is that all you’re gonna say to me?” He frowned. “Dermott’s gonna kill me.”

“No. The Wolf Bloods are gonna kill you now too.” She crossed her arms.

Cole scowled and shook his head. “Didn’t go so good for them the first time.”

“Won’t go so good for you the second.” She quipped.


“Well, I’m not sleeping in bed and leaving a lady on the floor.”

            “Don’t try and be chivalrous with me.” She frowned at him.

            “Would you rather I held you at gunpoint and told you to take the bed?” He tipped his head.

            “You’d find one pointing right back at you if you did.”


“Hi there.” The girl twirled a black curl around her finger. “I’m Blake. I don’t think we’ve met properly.”

            “No.” Cole glanced down. “You were pretty mad, last time we talked.”


“What’s your plan to take Dermott down?” The oldest of the bunch asked.

            Cole stared at her and Calgary frowned. “Guys, I said be discreet.”

            “Well, we kind of need to know what the plan is.” Blake shrugged. “If we’re gonna get out of here.”

            “Wait, what?”

            She nodded. “Life sucks here, newbie. If you know a place with hot water and electricity, we’re on your wagon.”


She brushed her friends hand aside and squared her shoulders. “How do I look?”

Blake scanned her up and down. “Like you could kill.”

“Good.” Calgary jerked a nod and marched out the door.


“If I was ornery I’d push you in.” Cole said from behind her.

            She turned to look at him. “You know better.” She said warningly.
            He flashed a grin. “Yes ma’am, I sure do.” He dropped down onto the grassy shoreline and stretched his long legs out in front of him.


  1. So excited for this one! Your snippets are amazing, I already love Cole. Calgary sounds spit fire. I did get it, but my inbox is flooded. Can't wait to read it!