Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I'm A Teacher

Hello guys!
Through a series of events I have become a youth group teacher. It's strange.
 See, I'm still in youth group. (I promise I tried to get out when I turned 18, but there were only three other kids there besides me, and my teacher was just crushed when she thought I was ditching, so I stayed). The class consists of me, the two minions, and then three other regulars, plus whatever kids we can fit into our vehicle on any given Wednesday, which ranges from 1-7.
Most of the time it's all girls, and they're all right around Minion 1's age.

A couple months ago our teacher had a bad fall and messed some things up, so she wasn't able to teach. Well she called my mom and told her that I would have to take over for the night.
The only kicker was, I was harvesting at that point, so I didn't know about it for hours. Then by the time I got home we had to change clothes and leave right away so we wouldn't be late. I thought I could make a lesson during the drive, but mom needed me to drive (it's frowned upon to drive and write a youth group lesson), so I had to wait. I ended up whipping together a lesson in the Dollar General parking lot while the minions bought snacks.

Long story short, I had fifteen minutes to get a lesson ready.
It was about the things girls worry about. Boys, looks, and friends.

I completely butchered it. Minion 1 kept trying to add to what I was saying, and I was running out of time, and I couldn't even read the notes I had scribbled out. It was a nightmare. All the girls there told me it was good and they understood what I was saying, but they lie. It was a nightmare.

After that we had a business meeting on Wednesday, and a couple cancellations, so there were no classes.

Then a few weeks ago my teacher had another fall (if you think of it, you might pray for her, because she still wont go to the doctor. She is almost as stubborn as me. 'Kayla, when I'm 87 years old, promise me you will make me go to the doctor if I'm being stubborn), so she called me up.

This is how our conversation went.

Me: Hello.
Her: Guess who this is.
Me: Bette.
Her: Trouble!

She literally is the old lady version of me. We finish each other sentences.

Anyway, she asked me to teach again. This time I had all afternoon, and I enlisted Minion 1, because she's is more mentally stable than I am, so she helped me get something organized.

We talked about modesty, since once again, all girls. What else are we going to talk about?

It was hilarious, because a couple of the girls looked at us like they were terrified when we started talking. I don't know, I thought wearing shirts and jeans that aren't too tight was a lot less awkward to talk about than boyfriends.
(Minion 1 told me I couldn't talk about that anyway, since I'd never had one)

We had an example backfire on us too. We printed off a bunch of pictures of famous girls who were dressed modestly (Jamie Grace, Britt Nicole, etc.) I think those girls are gorgeous, and we printed off several different styles of outfits to appeal to all the different tastes that were represented in our class.
Our point was to show them that girls can be gorgeous and still be modest.
Of course, they all made it clear that they didn't think those girls were that pretty, and their outfits were really weird.

Silly girls.

Since then, Bette has just started walking up to me Sunday's and saying
"are you teaching this week? Oh good. I'll come watch. It's really fun."

It's kind of fun to be a teacher, even though it is stressful. I think the kids like it because we hang out a lot outside of the class room and they know I'm a complete dork who isn't trying to judge or boss them around. It's also stressful and crazy, and I nearly die of a panic attack whenever one of the adults comes through the room, but at least the second lesson I presented I was able to speak English and not gibberish and the girls had a lot of interaction with the lesson.

There have been two or three boys that have been coming lately. And next week a girl requested that I teach the class about purity.

Pray for me people.
Pray for me. 


  1. Wow Maddie, this is funny. Talk about responsibility. Bette sounds hilarious, and they didn't like Britt Nicole and Jamie Grace. What kind've girls are they :)
    Lost it at purity talk. I will pray for you.

    1. Oh my goodness, it is ridiculous. And yes, hilarious describes her perfectly. They're silly girls. that's what they are.
      Thank you lol. It wasn't too bad. This one younger boy looked at me all confused and said "We're talking about purity? Isn't that kind of like puberty"
      I died.

    2. Puberty is like Purity, Priceless.
      Glad it went okay :)