Thursday, March 12, 2015

Throwback Thursday

I'm sorry I missed this last week. I had to work until seven that night, and I didn't have the post ready to go in the morning. Forgive me?

Anyway, these are from 2011, so I would have been 15. It was really a rather boring year for me. Only four stories that I could find dated. I'm rather fond of two of them though. Here you are.

The Diary of Katie Davage Cooper
There was a young man in church this morning I have never seen before. Cory told me that his name is Trev Cooper. She says he rode into town earlier this week, and got a job working on Jacob Andrews’ farm. Mr. Andrews has the largest farm in the area. Perhaps it is a sin of me to notice, but Mr. Cooper is quite handsome.
This story is written entirely as diary entries, which is nearly impossible because I'm so dialogue driven and it's hard to make a realistic dialogue description in a journal. I happen to love Mr. Cooper. His name is Trev. I'd really like to go back and finish this story, as it was rather tragic. I think if I ever do though, I will change it to third person.

Rattler the Ranch Dog
Hello, my name is Rattler. And I am the best ranch dog in the world. And about this coon, it all started when I was on night patrol. I heard some strange noise over by the bale pile. It was snarling. So I put my nose to the ground and started sniffing.  And I smelt a coon! I know it sounds astonishing, I mean a coon on my ranch. Well I took matters into my own hands and I grabbed him by the neck and started shaking him. And I guess I made a lot of noise because Mark stuck his head out the door and shouted, “Shut up!” Well I suppose he did not know what I was doing. So I laid off for a while until I was sure that he was asleep. Then I did it again. After a while of shaking him I knew he was dead so I dropped him and went up to the house. When Mark Kerri and all three of their girls that adore me… Have you ever been adored? Well it is just, just wonderful. Where was I? Oh, yes. When they all came out, they saw why I was barking and they all petted me. It was just wonderful!
This story is actually true. My dog didn't write it, but that is what happened. It does sound way too much like Hank the Cowdog though...Actually, it's not all true. Rattler wasn't the best ranch dog in the world. He was probably one of the worst, lol. Keeping unwanted critters away was about the only thing he was good for at all.

Kyly Davis:
If the two weren't at their own houses, they could almost certainly be found at the other's. Both boys lived for the time the newspaper would bring news on the war.

This story didn't make it very far. I was in a Civil War mood, and there were like five pages of notes stapled together for it, and only one page of actual story. The original plan was for Kyly to disguise herself as a soldier, but it never got that far.

The Rebellion:
My eyes widened at the dress she returned with. It was a lavender color, with a full skirt, and lots of ruffles. I moaned. Would it be unacceptable to wear the robe? Probably.
Feeling I'd rather face all the terrors of the Seventh Dungeon, I le the serving girl help me into the yards of material. I was willing to let her help with this. I would never be able to get it on my by myself. Finally, after much poking and prodding, she got me into the thing. I looked at the mirror and gasped, terror shooting through me. I looked completely out of sorts, and the cut of the neck- it was frightening.
I turned to the girl. "Is there something to go on top?"
The girl frowned. "The cut is very stylish and becoming."
"I don't want to be becoming." I growled.
She acted as if she didn't hear and sat down to fix my hair. It was a mournful business, as my hair hadn't been fixed inn years and refused to lay proper. Finally se got it done though. She attempted to paint my face, but that was where I drew the line. I didn't want Rashahn to think I'd gone completely mad.

This is a story I wrote with my doppleganger Lana. We did it entirely by email, with each of us writing the scenes from our own characters point of view. This scene and character (Her name is Craven, by the way) is entirely my doing. I am in love with her, and keep telling Lana that I have the first scene wrote for a sequel if we ever have time in our lives again. The writing in this is decidedly vague, and blunt, but that was on purpose, as Craven is both. Constant use of the words "the girl" and "finally" are her personality.

Thank you for reading!

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