Monday, April 20, 2015

Business Trips

I actually have something to blog about!!

This last weekend I was hauled off with my coworkers to a conference for three days. While the trip had ups and downs in terms of fun, it was definitely interesting.

We left Sunday afternoon and arrived in the evening. Upon our arrival I was promptly ditched by everyone and left along with a room number and a card key. Now let me just say the hotel was huge. I'm used to staying in one story hotels where you cant possibly get lost.

This was my hotel.

It had seven stories. Seven. So instead of asking for help I just found the elevators (which are glass by the way- dizzying) and started clicking buttons in hopes of getting close to my room. Turns out I was on the fourth floor, and my room was to the left.

Then came the trouble of getting in. I don't stay in hotels. I've never used a card key. I had the idea of course, but after several attempts and still no entry I was kind of freaking out. I grabbed an innocent looking room service guy and begged him to show me. He looked at me funny and opened the door in like two seconds.


It was awesome. I got my own, because I'm the newbie and everyone else had their pals all lined up. But I got a king sized bed to myself. TWO flat screen TV's. A full sized couch. The bedroom was the size of my living room and the living room was almost as big. The shower had massage settings. Seven of them.

I do feel sorry for whoever does the laundry, cause my eyeliner did a number on the white towels. I think it was made partially with super glue. The stuff is nearly impossible to get off.

Did you know I'm really creeped out when I leave the room looking like a war zone and come back to find it spotless? House keeping is sneaky.

While my coworkers had a night of free drinks my cousin and her little boy came and got me and we went and got supper, which was tons of fun. We went to a place called Cheddars and I had shrimp, chicken, coleslaw, and mashed potatoes. I was chuck full. But it was worth it.

My two TV's did me zero amount of good. There was nothing on almost the entire time except for one hour I watched some crazy show called Street Genius that was pretty cool.

The days were willed with semi-boring classes and cramped legs, but the food. Oh my gosh the food. Stay at Embassy Suites just for the food. It is to die for. Caramel apple pie, pancakes they make to order, cheesecake, craziness.

On Monday night I went with everyone to a bar and grill a few blocks away. The food was really good but I promptly got sick and walked myself back to the hotel (which is terrifying in a town that size).

I talked to Jarod for awhile until he fell asleep (it was cute) and then I spent the rest of my night throwing up and having hot flashes (it was not cute).

Tuesday I felt awful and barely ate anything and I was never so glad to start a three hour car trip in my life.

I was so ready to be home. Home where I could sleep to the borderline pleasant sounds of my minions snoring instead of the whacky music from the bar next door. Home where I can throw in a DVD, and play my radio as loud as I want without fear of the people in the next room getting mad (my family has to live with my music. Hotel guests do not). Home where I don't have to worry about gaining 90 pounds in one meal. Home where I have a whole cabinet of medicine at my disposal and don't have to wander around looking for a Starbucks to find Alka-Seltzer.
Home is amazing.


  1. Sounds like you had fun :). I would freak out in a hotel like that, and I would get lost.

    1. It was pretty fun, yes. I did freak, lol, and I nearly got lost.

    2. Well at least it was only nearly. You haven't been around much, but I guess you've been pretty busy. I've been missing your posts, I hope life is treating you good. :)

    3. I know! I feel horrible. I have been freakishly busy but I think I'm finally getting into a rhythm so I am tentatively promising to post more often again. Thank you for sticking with my blog! And thanks, life is treating me pretty well.