Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Continuation of a Story

This may be totally ridiculous since I wrote it a month or so ago and it is outdated, but I think I'm going to post it anyway, and then I'm going to keep the story going I think. We will see on that. But anyway, here is this post.

We left off with the princess in our story telling her lovely readers her story of her first date. When that was through the comments came in a slough, and some readers wanted more.

Well, some days ticked by and the princess was accepted for a job. With the promise of money to come flowing in, she bought her own cell phone, and punched numbers in.
"Hey prince, I've got my own phone!"

The messages came in so fast she was glad she had gotten the unlimited text.

They talked about the skunk that was plaguing the farm, and her new job, and his school day. Then she said she had to go and he warned her of bedbugs. The next morning bright and early the text came from him
"Good morning, sunshine."
She giggled and smiled and sent a reply, sitting in the parking lot, waiting for her boss to come by.

Her family, they teased her. They called her all forms of sunny. Her mom texted her in the morning "good morning sunshine." The minions said "Yowzers" cause that was his word.

They'd text through her lunch break, debating if her grandma would feed him. They hoped for a clear day, so at the potluck they could dig in.
He promised to eat her food, then backed out when she said chocolate. But he offered to come over and eat the other leftovers- he didn't know it was asparagus.

He said goodnight every night, and they take turns in the morning.

They talked about music, and her putting off homework, and how cleaning was the pits. He's got a birthday coming, and she'd been trying to fish, but whenever she asked about things that he likes "I don't know" is the only answer she'd get.

Whenever he texts her, it vibrates in her pocket. "Stop tickling me!" She tells him, but he keeps on replying.

Sunday comes round, and there's no snow to delay, they get there and other birthday people get in the way. They get their food, and true to his word, he doesn't touch her pie. She gives him guff, but can't bring herself to cry.
She managed to snag the seat next to him, and she cautioned him on eating himself sick, and eating himself fat, and he caught on and teased her with that.

When he had to leave, she had to go bowling. She invited him, but he said he'd die laughing at her gutter balls. Of course that night she got a strike the first time. He made fun of her coming in second place. He texted her all the way home, and she scolded him, saying "Keep your eyes on the road."

So that's the next leg of the story I'll tell. There's not a lot to it, but that's just as well.


  1. It seems so perfect, I'm worried about the next part, and how this fairytale ends. :)

    1. I'm worried about how it ends too o.O I don't know the ending.

  2. I adore this, Maddie! At first, I thought this was a fictional story, but I could tell that you were talking about your own life. It's so cute and I can't wait to hear the next part:)

    1. Thanks! Yes, it is a true story, all of it. I'm glad you like it.