Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Story Continues

Moving on with our story, all seemed quite well, but if everything went smoothly, there's not much to tell. Like all good stories, conflict must arise.
So now I will tell of this fairy tale's demise.

Our princess was waiting to see if he'd ask, her to his bull sale, though his day was full packed.
Nothing and nothing, then the morning of the text came in ringing and her hopes soared above.
Boots and belt buckle, and pink button up shirt. She got her hair fixed and set out the door.

When she got there, the gentleman leaned on his pickup, a friend in tow, and a elderly woman the princess didn't know. The lady kept talking as the princess approached. She stopped quite suddenly and said with a grin "Are you wanting one of these boys?"
"Yes, I'm looking for him."
The princess pointed to her tall cowboy, who gave her a smile. The lady was ecstatic. It made the princess turn pink. Then the gentleman saved her and pulled her away. She hung around sipping Monster while he helped sort the bulls. She tried no to giggle watching boys run like....not fools.

When the work was all done she followed him in, loaded their plates, sat down and dug in. She teased him for snap chatting. Cause real men don't do it.
At some point during the meal her Gatoraid found its way down his neck.
He shivered and calmly said "Don't worry I'll get you back. There's ice and there's buckets. Just you wait and see. "
She shrugged and smiled. "If you can catch me."

The prince got called away again and she went in the kitchen to help. Everyone knew her as the young man's girlfriend. This was news to her, but not the bad sort at all. "You two should get married" was the sly whisper that circled and turned her face red.  He came back and got her later and they found a corner to sit down. While the sale was going he tossed sand her way, and tried to tip her chair over.

When the sale was over the gentlemen had to run. So the princess went home and retold all the fun.

Then something dark happened. It was like a spell had been cast. The texts started rolling in. Short and bitter and cold. The princess couldn't decipher the things she was being told.
She waited and begged for an answer to her questions, but then the phone went silent and her heart shriveled up.
Early the next morning, the text came at three.
"I got lost in a bottle. Please forgive me. "

The princess had harsh words. She told him "we're through." Then she curled up and cried ignoring the texts that came in a slough. She was sick the next morning and couldn't make church. His pleas came pouring in but she couldn't respond.

The princess' dad called him later and told him quite plainly that the princess didn't have time for such carrying on.

Then he begged to call her, and she said "well come on"

He called and they talked for an hour or two.

"I'm sorry this happened. I want to be with you."

The princess wasn't quite sure what to do. She wanted him too, but she wanted to do right. She knew they were different and didn't want to live a fight.
"Let's step back, and give this some time." They both agreed and that seemed to be fine.
But I'm getting farther ahead in the story than I planned. So I'll cut it off now with the story condemned.


  1. Aww this is so sad, I'm not really sure what happened though, did he just get drunk. Or did he say something he couldn't take back to the Princess. I guess it's not my business anyway. I understand though if they broke up because of his drinking because, that's what I would do too. I was right this story has a sad ending, *Bear Hug*

    1. Well, he got drunk (the princess didn't know he drank at all) and he did say some pretty terrible things to her, but she would have broken up with him even if he hadn't said anything because she doesn't drink and doesn't want to be around alcohol. However, this is not the end of the story. This is a sad chapter. Thank you for the hug though. It is greatly appreciated.

    2. That is terrible, awww. I totally understand the whole no drinking thing. I am totally for that. That's good :), and I'm glad.