Monday, April 27, 2015

777 Writing Challenge

Many thanks go to the ever amazing Skye for tagging me in this challenge. It is so much fun.  I have done it once before. My friend Leah tagged me once on Facebook. I will admit, that I cheated. Page seven of my Assassin story was utterly dull and I was embarrassed to use it so I just picked a random page and seven random lines.

Today however, I shall abide by the rules.

Now, the rules of the tag are to go to page seven of your story, find the seventh line, and post seven sentences, then tag seven people.

I wasn't sure which story to use, but life made the choice easy as I could only find one story tablet in the pit that has become my bedroom.

So, here are the sevens from Running Crazy.

When would you leave?" Reeve turned the key and smiled when the engine turned over and started immediately.
"Well," Donny said, "We want to leave Monday morning. We figured to come back Sunday."
"I'd have to take time off work," Reeve pointed out.
"I thought you said you had a lot of vacation time saved up."
Reeve grinned to himself, "Yeah, I do." "

Hmmm. Not terribly fascinating I'm afraid.

Here, lets try this. This is a short story I wrote like five years ago. It just might tickle your fancy.

Gryffin smiled at her in surprise, then adjusted the piece. “Like that?”
Russet nodded. She glanced around. She had forgotten the real reason she was here. Although at the present moment, she could see no way but to kill him outright. She didn’t want to do that.

Alright! Now for seven lucky souls.. You know what? Hang the rules. Anyone who wants to post their sevens is more than welcome to. Post away!


  1. Your the amazing one! I love them, especially the last one. Murder, *creepy Sherlock smile*. Reeve is awesome.

    1. Why thank you darling, but I must insist that you claim the title as well. Thanks!! I had totally forgotten about that story actually. I'm quite fond of it though now that I remember its existence.
      Why thank you. I fancy him.