Wednesday, November 11, 2015


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We left the princess in higher moods, and soon the regular patterns resumed. 
They had tiffs and tats, and made up real fast. Tractor rides, and mechanic work, and escapades trying to cook. 
On the night of All Hallows Eve they ventured to the bowling lane for pizza with her minions. Out the door he went in shorts, t-shirt, army boots, and cowboy hat.
She laughed a bit, caught a selfie or two, and prayed to heaven they crossed no one she knew. 
Then after food they continued on, and touched base on her grandma's lawn. They knocked on the door and cried trick of treat. The look of horror on her face...I'm sorry, it was great.
The next weekend the princess set off with the girls, to spend the night with movies and frills. She nearly cried driving on, bypassing his house, they had a good laugh over how ridiculous that sounds.
He texted her late, and they snap chatted a lot. In the morning she killed time writing him a letter like a sop. 
She acquired a cold, but went to see him anyway that night. Standing out in the yard, auguring corn in the bin, he came and gave her a hug, and a perfect kiss- how long it had been. 
She rode in the truck with him for a while, then evening came and they went to the house. They watched the football game, their team won one for once. Then she must have fell asleep because he woke her up later. 
"You should head home, so you don't fall asleep. I'll keep you awake, until you get home."
Of course the hero fell asleep when she left, then woke to call her a few miles from her house. He talked for a bit, then she heard him drift off, she giggled and drove home and crawled into her bed soft. 
The next day was terrible. She felt awful and sick. Deciding to stay home or go out was a trick. He urged her to come, then pressed her to stay. So she stayed curled up on her couch, so he didn't get sick that way. 
He called her four times, the night before he left. It was a dismal weekend, but the next one they'd see each other more. They made plans for the holidays, on where they would be. There's rumors of excitement, but I guess we will see. 
Then on into the week the princess got a message. 
"I'm sick." 
Of course she felt bad, but on the other hand, she hadn't forced him to kiss her, and he'd wanted her around. 
"In sickness and in health" will be practiced and abound.