Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Aftermath

As you may have heard, I attended a sleepover last Friday.

It was quite fun. 

Quite ridiculous.

I arrived just in time to eat way too many mini tacos, following which, we made an attempt to teach our pastor's wife how to use her remote to access Netflix. 
We abandoned said attempt and I commandeered the remote to be run on my own terms. 
We watched Black or White, which was a fabulous movie if you excuse some language, and consumed ungodly amounts of pop and popcorn. Then at about 10:30 our hostess took her leave and went to bed, and somehow three out of the five of us girls decided that Thumbelina was the cartoon to watch.
That movie came out the year before I was born. I grew up loving it. I had a crush on the dang fairy prince.
I of course had to sing along to every dang song in the show. (except that horrible concoction the dang swallow sings. I hate that one)

One friend hung around for all of ten seconds before she took off for saner locations. 
Come 11:30 we all started to get pretty tired. We're not hard core all nighters. 
So we stayed up just long enough to sing along to the Marry the Mole song. 

I went to bed on a sleep number bed that most definitely did not have my number. In a room full of dolls and teddy bears. And I'm sorry, I just kept thinking of Chuckie. 
Ya feel me?

I texted for awhile, then finally decided to go to bed, at which point the kids down the hall decided to start screaming. 
Not sure why.
Don't care.
I put in earplugs like a responsible adult and fell asleep.

I then woke up at five. Which is so much fun. Luckily, this trip I had acquired the WiFi password, so I blew up my poor snapchat friends with pictures of creepy dolls, and me with no makeup on. 
When it was a respectable time to get up I woke the minions and we went upstairs. We all decided to eat cereal. Then, midway through our bowls, Janice broke out the frozen waffles. And the English muffins. And the eggs. And the sausage.
....Second breakfast anyone?

The conversations were interesting. They ranged from deeply spiritual, involving purity, marriage, ministry etc. to the hierarchy of the bug world.

Here is a quote:

Me: Beetles are like the con men. Spiders are just the big dumb hit men carrying out orders. But beetles are the brains behind it all.
Minion 1. This is what happens when we stay up past ten. We start discussing but ranks. 

All in all, very fun.

I left feeling pretty good, thinking I got to sleep at one in the morning. 
One friend trumped me, claiming to have gone to her room at two.
My minions and their little elfin friend?
They took the cake.
4 am.


  1. Sounds like it was tons of fun, I lost it at the bug ranking thing. That is so funny.

    1. It was really hilarious when it first happened. Because everyone was out of their mind.