Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Buckle Your Helmets

This is it guys. It's getting serious. Tomorrow officially kicks off the Thanksgiving Weekend. With lots of people getting out of school and work and heading off to see families, it is a busy time. (Except me. I only get Thursday off. But I still intent to party like its 1621 in the evenings and the actual weekend. I'll fill you in on all the festivities next week. If I'm still in functioning condition. My sleep tank has been down on E all week leading up to the holiday craziness. It could be dangerous. 
Speaking of danger, keep a weather eye out. Turkey causes sleepiness. Couple that with excessive amounts of pumpkin pie and apple cider and you're shaping up to get a food coma. So, instead of stuffing yourself fuller than the unfortunate bird that is thawing in my sink, I have a suggestion. 
Pace yourself. 
You've got five days until Monday when you are expected to rejoin the world. 
So eat. Then pause for like, ten minutes. 
Then go back.
Remember to take a break. At least five minutes between servings. 
There will always be food left. Your six foot tall cousins wont eat all of it and leave you starving. 
Just give it two minutes before going back for more. The whipped cream will stay fluffy for that long. Seriously, if you wait like thirty seconds between meals, you'll feel much better. 


  1. Sounds good, too bad we celebrate Thanksgiving in October here.

    1. Oh wow. That would get in the way of my Halloween food lol