Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's A Love Story

Parts One, two,   three four.  five.  six. and seven. and eight, and nine. TEN.

Christmas time came round and joy did abound. There were secrets, and wrapping, and laughs all through it all.
Then Christmas day came and the prince came around. The princess' grandma, and family all gathered round. They ate a big dinner. And seconds and thirds. There was talk of the Wii and fun things that they'd learned. They planned for what movies they would watch first. But first they'd get presents, all stacked up by the shelf.
There was a small tree...a Charlie brown tree. With no Grinch ornaments hanging off it, grinning with glee. But it did the job, standing guard over the boxes. The sisters had them all shook and examined, as sneaky as foxes.
The prince opened the ones that they'd got for him, and then handed out what he'd bought with a grin. The sisters loved their gifts, so did the whole clan. He smiled at the princess; that had been their plan. Then he handed her a large box all wrapped up in green, she tore it open, they all leaned in to see. Inside was another box and giggles echoed round. Opening that box a blue t-shirt she found. He'd bought it for her the Christmas before, he'd been too scared to give it to her back then, but not anymore.
Then out of the shirt tumbled a small wooden box. The princess picked it up, and then her heart stopped. She gave a little squeal and it fell in her lap.
The prince scooped it up and dropped down on one knee, saying "Madeline Jean Morrow will you marry me?"


  1. Holy crap, really! My ship has sailed. I'm so happy for you Maddie.

  2. I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! It's honestly been amazing hearing about everything you guys have gone through :)

  3. OH MY WOW. Sounds like you had an exciting Christmas! I've loved reading your guys' story. :) I'm so happy for you both!