Friday, December 11, 2015

Story Time

This story keeps marching, its way 'long through time,
Like the rhythm to the poems she sends him that rhyme. 
Our pair was getting on smashingly, and life was going happily. 
Holiday seasons began to roll in, and more hours were spent with her and with him. 
Long car rides, and then in the dark, he'd reach for her hand, and it stole her heart. 
They'd sit and watch movies, and he'd let her sleep. To expect her to wake wasn't fair, when he kept playing with her hair. One day at her house, while watching tv, he reached and held her hand, for all the world to see. They laughed and they joked, mixed with real plans that they spoke. Of somedays and maybes, and can't wait till thens. 
The year trickled past, the day he'd leave school approached fast. Excitement was brewing. He'd be home at last. 
He called her one night, sounding in a rough plight. Our young princes family had him all in a rile, and worries for the future were stealing his smile.
He attended the parties her family held for the holidays, and she went with him. And she lived for the moments when she'd make him grin. He gave her a jacket, he'd had as a kid. It didn't smell like him, but she wished that it did.
Then they went out for a date, and stayed out real late. Christmas shopping, and ice cream, and silver bands that glittered. Movies and joy rides, his coat stopped her shiver.
He shared her his fears, and his story through the years. Closer and closer, our pairs lives were entwined. It was difficult to bring their lives apart up to mind.
He told her how he'd liked her for some time. He'd got her a present once, back before they ever talked, but kept it hidden away, for fear she would walk.
One day after church she sent him off with her dad, to hunt and to talk about the plans that they had. The day dragged on, and not a word, so you'll have to wait to see what she heard.


  1. !!!! I love this story, can't wait to hear what happens :) I hope it keeps working out :)

    1. thanks!! I've got more installments coming up!