Thursday, August 3, 2017

Footnotes- A Link-up

I just love these sorts of things. I used to do lots and it seems like most of the old ones have kind of gone by the wayside. But here's a new one and I'm super stoked to join. 

The topic for the month: 
A quote from an author.

And they had to start off hard. 
How is someone who reads like it's an addiction supposed to choose one quote to chat about? 
How do you look at the entire universe and choose one star?

Several quotes popped into my mind when I read the prompt. 

I like his quotes, OK? No, I've never read any of his books. 

But fantastic as those are, those aren't my favorite. 
I've never met a C.S. Lewis quote I didn't like, but his are so long and theological I couldn't even begin to remember which is my favorite. 

Louis L'amour has a whole treasure trove of quotable gems but that's not what I wanted either.

And let's not forget

Quite frankly, I came very near to using this as my quote and calling it good. I relate to it on a spiritual level. 

Then I decided. 
THIS is my favorite quote. 

Because it is absolutely true. (And doesn't he look like he would so just that?) It does no good to sit around and wait for the urge to do anything. Read, write, create, clean the house....because it won't just spontaneously appear. Especially not the house cleaning bit. You've got to make it happen. Forxe yourself to sit down and write those next few words, even if they're complete rubbish. You can change them later. Just write. 
I'll never have time to read my Bible unless I make it. 
I'll never decide how I want to refurbish the dresser until I get out a paintbrush and start. 
If I spent half as much doing things as I do looking at Pinterest for ideas I'd have built a new house entirely by now. 
And I'll certainly never wash my dishes until I lock both feet into place and plunge my hands into the water. 

Go on.
Grab a club. 


  1. Oh, I loved this! Especially what you said about inspiration. Agreed!

    Also, love that Tolkien quote. :)

  2. Great quotes! I love how you ended this post. I think I will!

  3. This was so great! "How do you look at the entire universe and choose one star?" I felt a bit like that myself, coming to this! Whoops ...

    I love that Kerouac one about the roman candles. I loved that before I read On the Road (though I was disappointed in On the Road, despite the beautiful writing ... it was sad!). I also love that Twain one. I recently read Huck Finn and read a bit about Twain's life, and apparently he became more and more disillusioned with humanity (and himself) the longer he lived. Quite sad, really ...

    The last picture is not displaying, so I can't actually see your quotation, but when you said "Grab a club" I knew which one you were talking about! XD It's a good'un. And your words were great, too. Thank you for sharing -- and for joining the link-up!

    1. I've never even read on the road, but I'm certain it's very sad, hence my avoiding it.
      Mark Twain's life depresses me. For someone with such clever happy characters, it's sad to hear about how the author felt.
      Oh shucks! I hate it when that happens. Thanks for commenting!