Monday, August 14, 2017

One Year Later

I'm a little bit late, but on July 9th one year ago, our pastor pronounced us husband and wife. 

I can't believe it's been a year already. In some ways it feels like it's only been a couple months, and in others it seems like ten years.

So much has happened and changed. I think the obvious one being that we now have Henry. I'm just in awe when I look at him, and I find myself wondering why we were ever scared to begin with. He's one of God's biggest blessings on my life and I wouldn't change anything. 

Jarod amazes me every day with his drive to work hard, sometimes later than I'd like, but it's for us. He does it so we can grow and build in the future. As much as I loved him before, I love him so much more now. I literally don't know what I'd do without him. He completes me in every way. 

I know I'm not even half the wife he deserves, but I pray God would mold me into a Proverbs 31 kind of gal. 

Right now we rent a little house that's sufficient for the three of us. There's a possibility of moving in the next year or so, but we'll just have to pray on it. I'm so thankful that Jarod made it possible for me to stay home with Henry and manage the household portion of our lives. It's a simple start, but we both have dreams. Very different from each other, but capable of folding together like two separate hands. Nothing thrills me like sitting out on our deck together with Henry curled up in my lap, talking about all the things we want to do someday. Jarod listens to me and I listen to him and it all just seems so possible on those cool summer nights. Who knows if they'll come true or not, but we can dream. Maybe God will see fit to allow it. 

To celebrate the day we went to church in the morning, and age at the potluck (because you do not cook on your anniversary). My parents took Henry for the day and Jarod took about a three hour nap when we got home-romantic, right? Then we went and got ice cream and went for a drive. Like they do in books, and country music, just driving with no destination. Talking and playing old country on the ipod. It was wonderful. I got him some stuff for his peterbilt that he'd been wanting, and he got me a gun. I must say, the poor guy got the short end of the stick, in my opinion.

In the evening we went to Sportsman's, a little food and bait joint by the lake that serves AMAZING chicken. 
We did get out our wedding cake, but it was disgusting so I just nibbled on the frosting. Because frosting is eternal. 

Now we're a month in to our second year and we can laugh about the times I made a complete idiot of myself trying to get his attention, and how he shamelessly ignored me anyway. Now we're ready to press on into this new set of days and see where the road takes us.