Thursday, August 24, 2017

If it's Too Loud,You're Too Old

So, Saturday was the first time I've ever been to a music festival. This one was called Livin' out Loud (LOL), and showcased six Christian bands.

My sister's wanted to go, but they didn't want my mom to go, because 85% of the reason they wanted to go revolved around a boy who was gonna be working there. Since I've always wanted to see it, I volunteered as tribute.

It was amazing. We basically stood right in front of the stage the entire time. Got great pictures, and Minion 2 made eye contact with a bass guitarist. Minion 1 was able to mingle with the character henceforth known as Robert.

Now, before we left for this concert o had a friend remind me just how mean and annoying I could have been to the happy couple, on the basis of how terrible both minions were to Jarod when we started dating. And I totally would have ran with it, except this guy is just so darn good. There's nothing to tease him about. Look up polite I'm the dictionary and it'll say Robert.

But enough about that fluff.

The lineup was The Lasting Hope
Sarah Reeves
Elias Dummer from The City Harmonic
Danny Gokey
Sidewalk Prophets
And Tenth Avenue North

The Lasting Hope was my favorite for sure. They did not sound like an opening act, at all. I love their song I'm Forgiven.

Sarah Reeves had an interesting voice that I liked, especially considering I don't like many girl singers.

I'm not usually a big City Harmonic fan but when one guy climbed up there and rocked their songs with nothing but himself and a keyboard, I was definitely impressed.

Danny Gokey was super fun. I enjoyed him way more than I thought I would.

Sidewalk Prophets was amazing

 and Tenth Avenue North stole the show. They were fantastic. Such good stage presence.

The lead singer climbed up on one of the pillars of the stage, and I think we all expected him to backflip off or something, but he just looked around and climbed back down. It was hilarious.

Also, they sold a hat that said TAN, because their initials, but I just about bought for the sole fact that I'm so ghastly pale and that's the only TAN I'm likely to get. Still regretting the decision not to purchase one.

This concert was supposed to be over at ten, but due to some technical difficulties, it didn't get over until eleven, and then we had to bid Robert farewell, followed by a two hour drive to my sisters' house, then to my house, so I got to sleep at three in the morning. 
Church was hard. 

Pictures for your pleasure: