Monday, May 11, 2015

Tebow Time!

This post could also be titled Men Are Dorks, or I Was Recognized by A Lead Singer and I Kind of Feel Like a Big Deal.
Tim Tebow came to my state!
To a town that is a 45 minute drive away from my house!!

Needless to say I got tickets. Lots of them. Both of my aunts, and my grandma, and my entire family packed up and went.

VOTA opened with a concert, and then the Fellowship of Christian Athletes interviewed Tim. It was absolutely amazing. Obviously I'm not allowed to post what was said, but it was absolutely fabulous to hear Tim talk about his life and faith. So inspiring. He is such a kid! It was adorable seeing him get excited about things like t-ball and winning games. And I'm shocked and a little ashamed to admit that he knows more about Nebraska college football than I do. It was amazing. He was presented with a Husker #15 jersey. That was rocking.

My hopes and dreams were crushed when he had to catch a flight and didn't have time to sign autographs. All the time leading up to it Jarod had been telling me he was going to come along to keep an eye on me, and I'd been saying there was no need because I was going to meet Tim Tebow and marry him. And he just left. But oh well. I got pictures of him on stage.

A local youth speaker named Keith Becker gave the plan of salvation and then VOTA wrapped everything up.

The message was so powerful and the music was fantastic. After it was over we went to the merch table to get my dad and aunt a tshirt and Bryan (the lead singer) walked up to me and was like "Hey, how are you?"



It was amazing. My mom flipped out.

I texted Jarod afterward and told him I was married. To which he said "Ok" and proceeded to not speak to me the rest of the night.

The next day I told him I was divorced and that perked him up considerably. Especially when I told him that it wouldn't have worked between me and Tim because I liked some guy from Arizona.
Jarod informed me that he didn't think he could be with a divorced woman.
He always has to spoil my fun.
They drive a girl crazy.
Tim up and leaves to catch some flight. Was it really that important? His soul mate was there in the room with him and he decided to catch a flight.
Jarod wont let me be a complete goofball. He has to thwart my juvenile teasing.

The only one worth hanging around is Bryan. That guy knows what's up.


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. That's so funny. I'm excited that Tim Tebow's getting back into football. Great post!

  2. That is so cool, that you got to see Tim Tebow, and that the lead singer recognized you.
    Sounds like you had fun. :)