Friday, May 29, 2015

The Story

If you missed any of the first parts of this story or want to visit them again, you can find them
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It took quite the urging, and pleading, and dares, then the gentleman asked like he wasn't a bit scared. Her father agreed, once they'd had a long talk.
The night he said yes, they nearly killed the girls' phone, talking all night, and making plans of their own. When that Saturday came and the prince did arrive, he dropped to low gear and cracked pipes on their drive. He shaved for their date, which made her feel great.
When they got into town they went o the western store, and looked at cowboy boots galore. Then off for Chinese food...he was in an eating mood. They talked about parents, and siblings, an kids. They talked about nightmares, and things that they did. When they came home he asked to come in, he stayed long until the new day about rolled in.
As soon as he'd leave he'd text her on his way home. She got in the habit of never leaving her phone. He would call after work, and right before bed. Pretty soon all his stories swirled 'round in her head. He asked her to his house- she went there a lot. They would ride in the tractor, feed cows, and just talk.
He gave her his ice cream, she bought him a pop. He told her often that he liked her a lot. They traded nicknames: Madeline, Jare, sweetie, and babe. Ideas grew inside her that made her heart crave. He had the same ideas, he'd mention sometimes, then they'd both giggle and push them aside.
He'd sit by her in church, and poke her and twitch. He'd giggle and kick her, singing the hymns out of pitch. He told her she's beautiful, and how she makes him laugh.
"The song 'love you like that' by Canaan Smith reminds me of you". She blushed when he said it. Wasn't quite sure what to do.
But that's quite enough, I've told you what's new. So I'll close the book on this tale for a few.


  1. BUT IS THERE MORE? Please tell me there is more! :) Or are you two happy now? :)

    1. Lol Opal, there will be more. All of this was fairly recent, so I'm just waiting for the story to build itself some more XP. But I promise to keep writing it. And yes, we are happy now.