Thursday, May 14, 2015

Throwback Thursday Grand Finale

Here it is!! The last set of snippets I have saved up before this year.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the ramblings of 2014.
Someday I'll tell my children about them. The men who gave of their lives to make it safe for them to grow and thrive. I'll tell them about the old man named Jamis, who took care of me so I could get their mother back and keep a promise to a smiling red haired boy named Quinn.
This story got quite a bit of attention on the blog. I like it quite a bit. It's not one of my all time favorites by any stretch, and my favorite characters seem to either die or are distant secondary characters, but I guess I can only blame myself for that. I think it will be pretty good when I go back and re-do it (I should say IF. I never seem to re-write anything). Right now I think this is about the most feelsy part in the whole story. But it has so much potential to crush hopes and dreams.  *diabolical laughter*
Alyx Bane: (The second version)
"Alyx, I'm Brad. Brad Marshall. I'm sorry, about all of this." He paused. "Why are you- Derik, why is she tied up?"
Derik shrugged innocently. "She wouldn't stop kicking. She kept saying I was kidnapping her."

This is the second version of this story I started. It made it just slightly farther than the first, but luckily it lost the Artemis Fowl feeling it had before. I'm just going to let you know that Derik is a heart throb.
Bill's Story:
It was absolutely quiet and he saw no movement at all. A chain with a manacle hung from the wall, the part that secured around a wrist broke in half. “Hello?” He said cautiously, not liking the odd feeling that surrounded him in the room. A slight sound drew his eyes and he saw surprised to see someone looking at him from under the bed on his right. The faint light reflected in the whites of its eyes and a figure slowly moved out. Bill froze and realized it was a little girl. She climbed out from under the bed, clutching a doll and smiled. “Hi there.”

First and only attempt at a horror story, but boy it freaked me out. I actually didn't write it down for a long time. I told it to Minion 2 one day when we were sitting out on the road waiting for mom and dad to get back. She loved it. Scared the snot out of her. Originally I was thinking the girl was a vampire, but then that all got changed around as it took me three days to tell the story and I kept changing where it was going.
Jake's Story:
"We both have problems." She shrugged. "But they're each a little different, and leave different sized holes in our souls. When we're together...It's like the pieces fit together and make us alright again."
This story really isn't even written. Like there are thousands upon thousands of words written for it, but just random snippets. They are all out of order, and I honestly don't even know how most of the story goes. I just had all these little pieces in mind for the three characters and they all kind of fit together, so I named them Jake's story. But now it's like I have a box of puzzle pieces that I have to try to fit together, because my snippets jump all over the board. When it is finished though, I will probably cry. It's going to be sad.

Fairy Tale Mashup:
"Tell us the story about the children who were to be eaten."
My four year old great grandson can barely keep his eyes open, let alone fully realize how gruesome his request sounds.

This one was fun. It needs to be finished. Minion 2 was really bothered that I wrote Belle from the Beauty and the Beast story as like an 86 year old grandmother. I thought it was rather funny.

"Do you actually like her?" She moved up alongside him.
"And you're asking this because you're not jealous, right?"
"Right." She nodded.
He glanced at her sidelong then smiled and she wondered what he thought he saw. "She's fine. Kind of fun to have around. But she's a traveler. She always leaves within a few days and I forget about her." He rubbed his hands together. "Here's the games. Stay close. They'll rob you of things you didn't know you had."
Cassie frowned and moved a bit closer to him. "Then why do you play with them?"
"Because." He grinned, waving to a game leader who called for him to come join. "I can usually win off them."
"How can you win against people who cheat for a living?"
He smiled. "Maybe I do too."

This one needs an overhaul, cause it sounds too much like the Hunger Games in parts, but I absolutely love my travelers and my cocky boy who likes to annoy Cassie. (she will be getting a name change too, because they started as Cassie and Xavier. Then I discovered the Matched series and read about Cassie and Xander. I freaked. How could I have picked names that close without even knowing about that series??)

Thanks so much for all the comments you guys have given me with these Throwback posts. This probably wont be the last one ever, as I think my mom has a folder somewhere of some stories I wrote when I was freakishly little, but I'm not sure where it is, and it doesn't have the story I loved most in it anyway, so it might take awhile for those to come out of hiding.


  1. Love these post, and the first one reminded me that I need to finish 'Blaze'
    :P I keep forgetting about it because, it's on my computer.

    1. Oh haha I forgot I gave it to you XP Lol no worries.

  2. I hope you manage to find more :) It's been fun seeing your writing change :)