Saturday, June 27, 2015

Moving On With The Story

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This story continued, full of feelings that were new. A dizzying rush, as time spent together grew.
They were seen together often, and word soon got round. Soon the princess got questions from the people up town Some made her happy, while others were cruel, but she tried to ignore the as a general rule.
You could almost guarantee, on Sunday afternoon where she'd be. Riding shotgun in a tractor, or feed truck, with glee.
The dog must have been jealous, he'd try so hard to sit between them, but soon he was waiting for her as eagerly as the gentlemen.
Work got dull when his internship ended, but she'd take lunch at his house and that was just splendid. He couldn't cook at all, she was sure he had help.
He took her to meet his family and hit a turkey on the way, they mostly ditched the people though and took the puppy out to play.
She would play she had secrets and he'd threaten to tickle her till she'd tell.
"No you won't." She grinned.
He stopped the tractor and, well....
They sat by each other in church, he'd share her Bible to sit close. They would try not to giggle at the tractor grease on his clothes.
They went bowling with their church. The princess won every round. The gentlemen's bowling landed him on the ground.
"I'll film you next time. I didn't know you'd fall down"
Camera out, of course he got a strike the next round.
Then he came over to shoot as some clays. He decided she shot best by the end of the day.
When she would take him home he wouldn't let her go. He'd lay on her hood, or lean on the door. When she'd say to get off, he'd grin even more. He wanted to kiss her, so she'd wait around, but his courage never quite seemed to abound.
Whenever he came over, he didn't want to leave. Till two in the morning, when sleep was a need. Finally he'd go, but crack his pipes one last time.
"When is your birthday?"
"Two months down the road."
He'd tap her nose and smile. "That Saturday is booked. Just tell them you have to go."
She didn't need makeup, and he liked her hair down, and he was in love with how her mouth would twist round. He memorized her quirks, without her knowing. He knew exactly when her emotions were showing.
He'd call in the night, and beg her awake to stay, then promptly fall asleep, then they'd laugh the next day.
They are going to go to a picnic Sunday, but this story is in past tense, so I'll keep it that way.


  1. I'm so glad everything is good, I feel emotionally invested after all these posts- I love your writing style as well :)

    1. Thanks :) Oh, I'm glad you're liking it. I really don't know how I even started writing like this. It didn't start out rhyming quite so much lol. But that's alright I suppose.

  2. I really like how you write! I can never get my words to rhyme. XD And I have to agree with Skye, I ship you two. :) I've been loving these posts so far!

    1. Thanks!! I'm so glad. Aw, thanks. I love that you guys like them so much, because I have so much fun writing the posts.