Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Bit on Princes

It has come to my attention that while you know quite a bit about me, you don't know much at all about the prince in this story. And I don't know about you, but I much preferred Sleeping Beauty to Cinderella, for the main reason that we got to know Prince Phillip, where Charming was mostly a nameless, nearly faceless mystery. And while a bit of mystery is good in a story, so is some backstory.

So, I present to you, a study on Prince Jare. 

Born in Nebraska, he later relocated to Arizona (it took some time to get used to Tuscan calling  her phone) where he lived with his father until the age of fourteen, when he moved back to small town Nebraska to live with his aunt. 

If you would ask the prince, he would say that he never noticed our princess at all except to think she was odd. And he only started liking her in December, and he has no reasons why. 
But if you listen to the prince you will hear that he noticed the first time she wore makeup, never did like her purple shirt, and always watched her in choir but she never looked back.

He has many things in common with the princess' favorite book characters, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. His is all brooding, broken, injured, and reserved. He is charming, boyishly awkward, confident, and strong. Our prince has Will Herondale's terror of love, Murtagh's relationships, Four's attitude (and fear of heights). He makes hasty decisions like Gale, an has more whit and sarcasm than all of them combined. Just like all of them, he has somehow managed to lay all of the rougher pieces aside and give the sweetest love and affection to an ordinary girl, with all the awkward curiosity of a little boy trying something new. 

Our prince is an eternal contradiction. He says he doesn't like horses, but beams when he says he's never been bucked off. He despises cows, but takes videos of little baby calves named Elmer. He says he doesn't like cowboys, but he always dresses like one. He's bound and determined to live naturally off the land, but he's addicted to the air conditioner and only eats beans from a can. He doesn't like sweets! Just Mountain Dew, ice cream, brownies, cookies, and candy. And he'll never shave again...until he wants Maddie to think he looks dandy. Of course he can cook! Just not when you're there. He likes your hair any style, just don't put it up. He's set and determined to smear her makeup. He says he's not scared, but so often he is.

Semi trucks and straight pipes make him light up. He's a bit of a clean freak, especially in his shop. Everything washed and all put away, one tractor will take the boy all day. He wears old t-shirts with the sleeves cut off. Wrangler jeans, till evening when its shorts and flip flops. He likes to comb his hair backward, and his eyes are blue. He's six foot three, and likes getting letters in the mail. He constantly teases, but insists he's all business. He's a pretty good shot, and will only fish from the bank. 

He insists he's not tired, and in the next breath he's asleep. Don't let him lay down if you have something to do, because he'll never get up and it'll be left just to you. In a tractor he can do pretty much anything, always covered in grease, the guy is never clean. 

He's older than her by five months or so. He likes to sing, but can't hit the notes. And if you ask him he does everything the best. 

He tends to exaggerate, and overreact, but this princess wouldn't change any of that. 


  1. I love this writing style, and aww sounds like you found your perfect Prince.

  2. He sounds like a really great guy and you two sound utterly adorable. I love reading all of these posts from you. Even though I sometimes don't have the time to comment, I really do read them all. :) Your writing is so whimsical. I really like it: the way you rhyme things and how you tell the story. I'd want to do something like this one day for my blog, but I have to find my right prince first... I can wait. People always say to have patience, right? XD

    1. Thank you! Oh, I'm glad you are enjoying them. Patience is a virtue, I'm told.