Friday, September 18, 2015


Is this too much?
Quite possibly. 
Highly probable.

But it is also so true.
So very, very true.

Yes dear readers, I'm afraid I've gone quite mad. 

Batty, to be exact. 

It is to be expected I suppose. See, Fridays, the good doctor is not in the office, which means...I'm the only one here. And, the absence of a doctor most generally means the absence of patients as well. There is a bit of work to do, and people do drop by for things off and on, but all in all, there are many long hours of nothing to do. 

Now, I do have a "pipes" screen saver on my computer that is quite enthralling for a time...

It just keeps building...

And I have an awesome swivel chair...It's nice to spin around till I'm sick sometimes...

And of course, there are plenty of gigantor granny glasses laying around this joint to try on. 
It's always entertaining to see crazy people wearing over sized glasses. There's this one chick I keep seeing over by the mirror who looks like she's quite fallen off her rocker. 

I think perhaps I should be worried about this...

It's really not so bad. I have things to do in my free time. I can always study for the tests I'm supposed to take to get certified. And of course I can talk to myself. 

Well....We suppose its time for us to say goodbye. We have dinner with our self coming up soon.



  1. I experience this feeling quite a lot, but no worries it is more fun being mad.

  2. xD I think you're quite all right :) Alice was right, all the best people have some madness :)

  3. Aw don't worry about it, I had a job like that once, I was basically just supposed to answer the phone but it pretty much never rang. So I was able to draw and write while I waited for the phone. You can get creative! Some of my better plot points are thought up while being bored out of my mind at work. :)