Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fairy Tale Playlist

Hi guys! I love playlists, don't you? I love it when books have playlists designed just for them. I love making playlists on my ipod for what mood I'm in, or for the different stories I'm writing. I love sound tracks from movies. I just love matching lyrics to situations.

So, I thought I'd give you guys a little peek into the Fairy Tale's playlist. This is actually something the prince of the story has had a bigger part in than I have. Most of these songs will come on the radio and he'll say something like "This song always makes me think of you."

*Some of these songs say things that are mildly suggestive. I've made sure to not include any songs with anything too graphic, and no language, but there are a few lines that are questionable. I'm in no way promoting these songs, and urging you to go buy them and listen to them every day for the rest of your life.

1. I Got the Boy by Jana Cramer.
This song was actually picked by both of us. I've always listened to it and hoped that I would get to be the second girl. It really does fit his story quite well. He must have thought the same thing because the other day we were working on a pickup and it came on (he's got a stereo system the size of my dog in his shop. It's kind of awesome) and he started singing it (off key), and then said "That's really true actually. You got the man."

2. Love You Like That by Canaan Smith.
This one confuses me. He called me in the middle of night to inform me that this song reminds him of me. When I asked him why he said "the fishing in the dark nitty gritty boy part".......Say what? The part about the boy reminds you of me?

3. Nothin' Like You by Dan and Shay
He hates this song, but it reminds me of me. (At least I admit when I think a song sounds like me. I didn't try to say it reminds me of him) The stack of books, twirling her hair, worn out jeans, purple shoe strings.

4. Pretty Good Day by Lonestar
We've come to call this one my song. I always said I liked it, and when we started saying I love you he started to always take notice of it when it would come on the radio.

5. House Party by Sam Hunt
I'm really not a huge fan of this song, and neither is he, but apparently it kind of reminds him of us. Not exactly sure why, other than I do blow up his phone, I have a tendency to want to stay home when he wants to go hang out with the guys. Other than that, it doesn't sound anything like us at all. Silly boy.

6. Raised by a Good Time by Steven Lee Olson.
I don't like this song. In fact, I pretty much hate it. But it pretty much describes him perfectly. 

7. Long Stretch of Love by Lady Antebellum.
This one isn't one of my favorites to say it reminds me of us, because it sounds like its a little steamy, and our relationship is no where near being 'steamy'. But the gist of how they kiss, fight, and make up, and are right there for each other, I have to agree with him, sounds like us. 

8. Waiting for Superman by Daughtry
I'm not sure this one describes us, but it does describe me as of about four months ago. 

9. I Got a Car by George Strait
We both love this song. He does have a car. His pickup brought us together more than the car did, but he does have a car. And if you ask him, he'd tell you he pretty much did exactly what verse one says. Rolled up his sleeves and asked for a shot. And according to him, I said I already thought it over, now what?

10. Shotgun Rider by Tim McGraw
He sings along to the radio more than I do, but I do hum along with it a lot. He laughs at me.

11. Hesitate by Steve Moakler
This one is one of my personal favorites. It pretty much describes us perfectly. 

12. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
I really can't put my finger on any one part of this that screams 'us' but it does remind me of us.

13. You and Me by Lifehouse
This is probably my favorite song ever. 

14. Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer
Just cuz.

15. Slow Down by Icon For Hire
This song is just sweet. I picked it out. 

16. Fishing in the Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
He likes this song. I like this song. 

17. Credence Clearwater Revival.
The songs don't necessarily have anything to do with us, but we both like CCR a lot, and we seem to end up talking about them a lot.

18. Highway Man. 
Not sure who sings it. Several guys I think. I hate this song. Hate it with a bloody passion. But he insists its the best song ever and he is going to buy a banjo and sing it for me every day for the rest of my life. I think that means it should go on the playlist. 

19. Copperhead Road by Steve Earle
Not romantic at all. But one day I texted him and said that if the radio would just play this song every day, my work day would be a lot happier. And he texted back "I love you a little bit more now" 


  1. Loved most of these songs already, but I always like hearing new ones.
    I am like that too, I always hesitate posting music, because I don't want anyone to think I am promoting it.