Monday, September 14, 2015

The Tag of Happiness

Thanks so much to Opal for tagging me in this! It looks like so much fun. Be sure to follow the link to find her answers too. 

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Come up with more categories if you wish
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This might be just a little difficult. 
According to my family, I'm not a happy person at all. 
Nothing makes me happy.
I say that's bulderdash at its finest. 
And I do not care one iota if I spelled that word wrong. 
I'm also a very indecisive person. How on earth do I choose what makes me happy??
I shall attempt. 

Some songs that make you happy
....This question had to be asked....None of my songs that make me happy...are happy....
Dark Blue by Sheridan. It's sweet. It's sad. Somehow that makes me happy.
I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons. Anything with that much guts and percussion has to be great.
Fight Song by Rachel Platten. It's a song by a girl that I am able to sing along to and hit the notes. Thrills me. 
Bad Day by Daniel Powter. When I have a bad day, I listen to it. Automatic happiness. 
War of Change by Thousand Foot Krutch. Its so fast and rockin', of course it makes me happy.
Hey Brother by Avicii makes me ridiculously happy and I'm not sure why. 
Pretty Good Day by Lonestar makes me happy cuz it reminds me of someone. 
Waiting for Superman by Daughtry. I LOOOVE the pre chorus. Ack!
Signature of Devine (Yahweh) by NeedtoBreathe. It's just pretty much the best song ever.

Some books that make you happy
The books I read cut out my heart and require me to sell my soul. But yeah, happy.
The Inheritance Cycle makes me happy in a throw it at the windshield while mom is driving kind of way. Any book that stirs emotion in me, is a good book. And good books make me happy, even if the emotion they provoke is not happy. 
The Infernal Devices. Will. Herondale. Happiest torment on earth.
The Divergent Series. I was happy when one of my favorite characters survived.
Incarceron Series. The people I loved lived. There ship I wanted to sail did. The sass was strong. Pure happiness. 
The Hunger Games. Don't ask me why this one makes me happy. I don't know. 

Some movies that make you happy
...I seriously think I've gotten happiness confused with pain and sadness. Because all of these questions, I immediately think of the book, movie, etc that I'm most fond of. And when I'm in the middle of watching/reading it, I'm crying. I'm miserable. Its torture. But once I'm done I look at them so lovingly. Is that happiness?? (Ok, just for the record, these aren't like five star movies you should sit down and watch for a family movie. They have issues)
Legends of the Fall. Because Tristan is boss.
Pearl Harbor. I love them all so much. 
Treasure Planet. Don't judge. I love it. 
The Lion King and all the sequels. They make me legitimately happy. 
Enemy at the Gates. 
We Were Soldiers. 
Peter Pan. The version with Jeremy Sumpter in it. 
3:10 To Yuma. Because Charlie Prince. 

Some foods that make you happy
Chicken. I love pretty much every kind of chicken.
Mozzarella Sticks. 
Milk chocolate. 
Is Mountain Dew a food?
Teriyaki jerky. 
Elderberry jelly
Regular cheesecake. 

Some words that make you happy
Psychotic...I love saying that word.
Dastardly. Because its funny to incorporate it into modern 2015 language. 
Diabolical. See above^
Darling. In a British accent. 
Any word said in a British accent.
Mine.  Like top, not bottom.

Some scents that make you happy

Wood smoke. 
Twilight Woods shower gel.
Anything labeled Brown Sugar.
Cut alfalfa.
Wild plumb blossoms!

Some random things that make you happy
Brand new books or CD's. 
My boyfriend.
When my sister grabs my hand during the sad parts in all those movies I mentioned.
When I get a new story idea.
Playing a song on my guitars. 
Bass on the radio. 
Bright colors.
Also, the color black. 

And, I'm running out of time to get all the links set up, but I'll just say all my followers are tagged. Have fun minions. Be happy.


  1. Thank you for doing the tag! It took me a long time to narrow my choices down as well- so many things that might make me happy *squinty eyes at the things*
    Popcorn, Imagine Dragons and Chicken are definite happy things :)

  2. No one should judge you about 'Treasure Planet' It is a stellar film.
    I too think I have sadness mixed up with happiness.