Sunday, January 19, 2014

This is Truly The Wonderful World of My Life

Hi guys! I'm a little tardy, I know, but I've got plenty of stories to make up for my lack of posts, okay?
                                                                 Story #1.
Go Teen Writers recently hosted a 107 word writing prompt competition. The submission had to be 107 words or less and had to start with the sentence, "Every word he spoke was a lie"
Well I didn't work on mine for days, even though I only had a week to turn it in. I kicked a couple ideas around, but didn't give it any real thought. Well, I had to tag along with my mom while she got a root canal. And so I had hours to spend in the waiting room. So I worked on it. It started out as being 240 some odd words. After much blood and tears I got it down to the proper limit (I checked and double checked) and I submitted it. Well guess what? I finalist! It's always so exciting for me, because I know there is so much talent on the GTW blog, so I love it when I actually get to climb the ranks so to speak and help my writing. I'm not going to post my entry yet, until the contest is over and the winners have been chosen, but here's the link to the finalists list. I'm so excited to see who wins, because I recognize a lot of the names on there and I love their writing.
Go check it out!

                                                             Story #2.
I finally made it over to my grandmas house and got to watch the two episodes of revolution that she DVR'ed for me. Now, in season one, I was literally screaming for Sebastian Monroe's blood. Literally. But since season two....not to spoil it for anyone, cause I know there's got to be some other people out there like me who watch everything late, but I am now in love with the guy. I can't decide if I particularly like his looks, but my goodness. He is SO FUNNY! How the writers ever managed to make me love the man I hated is beyond me, but whatever they used, I want some because it seems like a very good skill to have in writing. I'd love to be able to torment a readers conscience by making them love someone that they still secretly suspect is still evil. *smiles shyly* But can you blame me? Come on, this guy is hilarious.

Now, enough guilty fangirling aside, on to my last story.
Story #3.
I had a guy come over today after church and we had so much fun. He showed up after dinner and we saddled up the horses and rode all over the place. That was fun. A little bit windy, and the horses were feeling a little bit antsy, but still fun. Thank heaven for growing up with boy cousins, cause I am more than capable of talking about pickups and football all day long.
Speaking of which, after the ride we came in the house and watched some football. I was very happy to see Mr. Payton Manning wreck Tom Brady's hopes and dreams (not a fan, can you tell?).
And now (in between commercial breaks and typing blog posts) I'm getting to watch the 49'ers. And enjoying myself. So, enjoy your playoffs people, and I shall return.

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