Friday, November 8, 2013

YeeHaw!....kind of.

Hi! So today we moved cows, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to write a blog post. I took some pictures and everything. This is my dog, Tick (isn't he a sweetie?). He makes up a big part of our cow chasing crew. He's a red healer, and he just loves chasing cows. He hurt his leg recently, so he spent most of his time with my mom in the pickup. Speaking of which...

This lovely Chevy makes up the other part. Like the window? I did that. Unintentionally, but I was the driver when the window shattered. The plastic was provided by mom. Cause it's just not fun driving around when its fifty degrees out and no window.

Anyway, on to the point of the story. This morning we all woke up and bundled up in winter gear, fully intending to saddle the horses and hit the trail, moving the cows across the road into the next corn field. Halfway through chores though we started thinking. We were only moving them across the road. There was a perfectly healthy four-wheeler in the shed. Saddling and unsaddling the horses would take longer than moving the cows....

So we got lazy. Me and my sisters stood on the side of the road to make sure they went the right way. We set up a fake fence in our driveway. Mom went up the road to turn them in to the new field, and dad would call the cows out. No. Not call them out like they do in the old western movies. No gun battles involved here. We left the horses home remember, so we obviously weren't going for the western theme. My dad has this weird thing he does. He yells "Come boss." Really loud. I've heard several people call cows before, but no one does it quite like my dad. He has this weird voice he uses and for some reason the cows just come running when he does it. They piled up right in the gate and he just had to open the fence for them and they followed him right out. Easy peasy. Also kind of lazy. But hey, it works, right?

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