Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throw Back

Hello lovelies!
Here is this weeks edition of Throwback Thursday.
These come from 2010, when I was 14.
Lakin Talon
The other man sat directly across from her. He was young, and tall. Broad in the shoulders and narrow in the hips. He had thick brown hair and green eyes that didn’t miss a thing. He wore two guns, each tied down. Unusual.
Ah,I loved this guy. I don't remember his name, but I loved him. I know he was a gun fighter. I wish I could have made something out of this story, because I loved the characters, but it wasn't very realistic, as I recall it. Maybe someday I'll figure it out.
Charlotte Retta James:
Charlie nearly ran home from school. She couldn’t wait to be home. It had been a long day of schoolwork, and she wasn’t done yet, for she still had homework, but at least she would be home. Charlie did not like school. She liked learning a great deal, but she did not like school.
Charlie is my fictional self. She's got a long fancy name but keeps it short, and she doesn't like school. There are way to many "home" and "school" words in this piece. It is bothering me.
Tana Devere
"If you would please take me back to my wagon train now, I'd be obliged."
"For someone who's just been rescued, you aren't very grateful." He commented.
"You can hardly call being switched from one bunch of outlaws to another rescued, can you?" She demanded.
Rann flinched at her words. He didn't like being called an outlaw. "No all outlaws are bad."
Look! Look, guy! A troubled character!! He's my Loki!
Mandy #6
Mandy patted the roan colt's neck. He was a two year old, and Mandy's first try at breaking horses. He was coming along quite well. His name was Tuck, for no particular reason. Mandy had done all his training, and was quite proud of the results.
I was helping train a horse named Buck at this time, so that's why Mandy was. I like the line about the horses name, for some reason.
Darren suppressed a smile of amusement. The crown was nearly a foot tall, made entirely of gold, and every inch was covered in all manner of jewels, both inside and out. It wobbled precariously as she slowly stood up. Darren hoped, for the crown's sake, that Anna could get to the door safely so that it could be fastened properly.
This actually got morphed into my The Riders of Carstindad story, but it started out as one of four stories. Darren was and still is the love of my life. And I honestly think, if he hadn't been up half the night trying to get the stinking crown safely to the castle in time, he would have laughed it had crashed to the floor.
Thanks for reading again!